Bliss Hammock in a Bag. YBLTV Review by Alec Moylan.

Bliss’ Hammock In A Bag: What’s The Sacrifice For Simplicity?

Bliss Hammock in a Bag. YBLTV Review by Alec Moylan.
Bliss Hammock in a Bag. YBLTV Review by Alec Moylan.

YBLTV Review: Hammock In A Bag by Bliss Hammock

When it comes to our leisure, we all appreciate simplicity. Thus, when it’s time to kick up our feet and relax, we generally favor products that require little thought and just a few steps. Luckily, in a world of textbook-sized instruction manuals and convoluted do-it-yourself assembly items, companies like Bliss Hammocks try to make it easy.  Bliss’s Hammock In A Bag — if you have the appropriate surroundings or equipment —  is as simple and convenient as any hammock product out there.

Now if you noticed above I put — “if you have the appropriate surroundings or equipment” — you are probably wondering why. While simple by design, the conditions needed to successfully put up the hammock are oddly specific. I found that I was quite limited to where I could place the hammock and discovered a couple of other flaws along the way. Bliss’s Hammock In A Bag lives and dies by its simplicity. Let my experience help you gauge if it’s right for you.

Design and Price

Bliss’s Hammock In A Bag includes:

  • Brazilian Style Hammock made of recycled cotton & polyester fabrics.
  • 6′ 5″ long x 3′ 4″ wide. Overall length: 9′ 3″
  • Eye screws & hooks included
  • Thick rope loops are reinforced with steel on the inside
  • Drawstring bag. Approx 11″ x 6″
  • Holds up to 220 lbs. capacity

Bliss’s Hammock In A Bag is priced modestly at $35.00

My Experience

First, let me start by saying that if I had hammock straps or a hammock chair (both sold separately) most of my problems would have been avoided. The issues I faced had nothing to do with the quality of the product, but rather the reality of what the product is. It’s a product limited by its simplicity.

The Bliss Hammock In A Bag is advertised as both an indoor and outdoor hammock, but unless you live in a forest, it’s an indoor hammock. The hammock is listed to require two trees or posts 8 – 12 feet apart. The material doesn’t lengthen or expand, so when setting up the hammock for the necessary stability and slack, I found that it could only reach about eight feet max. Also, most recreational parks don’t allow for hammocks to be screwed in as it is potentially damaging to the tree/post. This means my options were limited.

I finally found two palm trees that met the right conditions for my hammock (or so I thought). The set-up was simple, as advertised, and it took about 5 minutes. The hammock stood about six feet off the ground, covering the eight feet between the two palm trees. I got in slowly to make sure it was secure and thankfully it was. The fabric held strong and it was quite comfortable against my skin. However, when I laid back and tried to relax, I felt squished — My feet dangling off the edge and my shoulders pressed tightly against the sides of the hammock. I’m 5′ 10″ 170 lbs. and I felt huge in this thing. It might work well for women and children, but not for an average sized American male.

Due to the cramped conditions, I decided to pack it up after 10 minutes. Disassembling was just as easy, but another issue arose that was noteworthy. Both screws that were placed into the trees were acutely bent. This may not be due to the integrity of the screws, but rather the yield of the palm tree’s wood. Hardwood trees could probably support the screws, but that information was not provided by Bliss.

Are these issues solvable? Yes, well unless you’re 6′ 5″. Nevertheless, the product requires specific conditions that make it more difficult than necessary to use. I like my hammocks to be outside in nature and where I live in Las Vegas (unless you have the appropriate backyard conditions), the Hammock In A Bag is just not practical.

Bliss Hammock in a Bag. YBLTV Review by Alec Moylan.
Bliss Hammock in a Bag. YBLTV Review by Alec Moylan.


  • Simple assembly
  • Durable, strong fabric
  • Multiple multi-colored designs
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Cheap


  • Very short, compact, not for all sizes
  • Screws can easily bend; type of tree matters
  • Limited to where you can place it with only eight feet in length
  • Straps?

Final Thoughts

Bliss’s Hammock In A Bag is not a bad product. It is limited by its simplicity and can you really fault it for that? For many, Hammock In A Bag will work well for them. The only issues I have is that the Hammock In A Bag’s shortcomings are not at all touched upon in the description of the product. It would have been nice to know that there are size, tree, and structural limitations. Overall, I think this product has potential, but I would only recommend it if you know it can work in your environment. Just the $35.00 price tag makes it worth the try!


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer Alec Moylan, received a Bliss Hammock in a Bag for free from Bliss Hammocks in consideration for a Product Review.

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