Flying Colors Apparel - Bell Sleeve Dress. YBLTV Review by Laura Kirani.

Flying Colors Apparel: Fly Me To The Moon

YBLTV Review: Flying Colors Apparel

Bell sleeve dress, nouveau, garnet and black.  This dress is a work of art in and of itself.  I cannot express how in awe I am every time I put on this dress. I feel as if I am on cloud nine and can just fly up to the moon. It is so comfortable, so breathable, so flexible, it is truly a summer dress that I want to wear every day. It has such a unique pattern and style, why would you not want to stand out? The dress is a very 1970’s style cut, short in length, has bell sleeves, and an off the shoulder look (if you so choose) plus the pattern makes for a very empowering dress. With this dress you can let out who you really are, show the world you are not afraid to dress how you want to dress, you love what you love and that makes you who you are.  A little bit of self esteem from something as simple as a comforting piece of clothing can go a long way. I am so glad to have recently met the company’s Founder, Deborah Nash. Flying Colors Apparel was an exhibitor at this year’s Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, NV.

“Flying Colors Apparel, fly me to the moon on cloud nine,” – Laura Kirani YBLTV Writer / Reviewer @Lkirani91

Flying Colors Apparel - Bell Sleeve Dress. YBLTV Review by Laura Kirani.
Flying Colors Apparel – Bell Sleeve Dress. YBLTV Review by Laura Kirani.


  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Made from a natural fiber
  • Soft to the touch
  • Colorful unique print
  • Stretch fabric for moveability
  • 1970’s style silhouette
  • Can raise self esteem
  • Promotes individual, unique style


  • Could be a little more structured to a curvy body such as mine

Final Thoughts

Overall? I give this dress a 10/10 and 5 gold stars. I do indeed wish it could fit a little better on a curvy body, but that does not change the fact that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS DRESS. From a fashion standpoint, for being a fast fashion piece it is incredibly well made. Very much attention to detail, seams and cuts are on point. Comfort, feel of the fabric, visually pleasing, all are on point just all around a very well made dress.

Please check out Flying Colors Apparel website; show them some love, they deserve it, they are also very well priced for an online store, let the comfort and feel take you to another world or another time, just love being you.


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer Laura Kirani, received Flying Colors Apparel – Bell Sleeve Dress from Flying Colors Apparel in consideration for a Product Review.

Flying Colors Apparel at Licensing Expo 2018.
Flying Colors Apparel at Licensing Expo 2018.

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