Funko: Making Fun (on Netflix)

Funko: Making Fun (on Netflix)

YBLTV Review: Funko: Making Fun

More Than Just Toys

A documentary just came out on Netflix May 29th, Funko: Making Fun. A story about the rise of this collectible toy company FUNKO, that has gained insane popularity globally, over something as simple as toys of your favorite people, characters, shows etc. I did not know what to begin to expect until I watched this documentary on this company.  I went into this thinking, okay big company, they are all about making that big money by using all these fancy licenses, just to give people what they want for the big bucks. Little did I know, this documentary means so much more than I could have imagined.

Funko started in Snohomish, Washington July of 1998. Founder, Mike Becker and founding artists Rob Schwartz and Sean Wilkinson the 3 musketeers of what was Brain Works before Funko. All they wanted was to create something weird, fun, nerdy, catering to a particular niche in the market. They decided to start making bobble heads, the very first license obtained was Big Boy. They began making a hit in the market, soon obtaining licenses for Betty Boop and Austin Powers. Their company began to take off and they renamed themselves Funko (fun company) to solidify their new found success as a company.  Skipping several years into the future, in 2005 Mike Becker took a step back and sold his company to good friend and golfing companion Brian Mariotti. Mike wanted to sell his company to someone he could trust, someone who would carry on the legacy of creating with a passion, keeping the original staff (roughly 6 people at this point in time) just having that similar if not stronger ambition to pursue this dream.

Without spoiling too much of the amazing details of this incredible story, Funko became more for, and was always about the people, the bringing together of a community all around the world. The love of a mutual interest, it has brought about something so much bigger than ourselves! This is just a definite MUST WATCH, I implore you all please watch it, see just how Funko really is and what it really means. It is so much more than just a name, so much more than just toys. It is about bringing fun, love, nerdiness, weirdness, bringing people from all over the world together. Giving people the hope of their heroes, idols, giving everyone something to believe in. Something so simple to have brought about a global change in, what else could be accomplished with something as simple as making fun?

And P.S… I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Funko at this year’s Licensing Expo!


Funko was an Exhibitor at the 2018 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, NV

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