YBLTV Giveaway: Enjoy Multiple Device Docking with Snap-n-Go Charging from udoq

YBLTV Review & Giveaway: udoq

udoq. YBLTV Review by Washington Thompson III.
udoq. YBLTV Review by Washington Thompson III.

YBLTV Review & Giveaway: udoq400

The udoq charging station is a patented multi-device docking station. It allows a family to alleviate the clutter inherent with today’s device ownership. The dock comes in several different sizes that allow a family to charge all of their devices in one place. As you can imagine this fixes one of the biggest problems in a family, the “where’s my phone?!” dilemma. The udoq can hold up to twelve devices (when using the udoq700 version) with each getting their own power while being positioned safely on the high grade CNC aluminum stand.

udoq. YBLTV Review by Washington Thompson III.
udoq. YBLTV Review by Washington Thompson III.

Ease of charging

Each udoq comes with small charge cables (udoq calls them connectors) that fit many generations of Apple’s devices, all Android and other USB devices. The cables on the chargers are the true genius to udoq’s docking station and something that will keep customers happy with the experience. The connectors are prebuilt with a small ridge that fits into udoq adapter clips. The height of the cable can be changed by moving the ridge to a different position in the clip. The two of these together work wonderfully. They change the way a user charges when using cables and using the udoq makes a user want to purchase more of their phone-specific cables; to get that quick pick up and go functionality.

udoq. YBLTV Review by Washington Thompson III.
udoq. YBLTV Review by Washington Thompson III.

It is not necessary to purchase the cables, though considering everything that you get, a steal comes to mind. The udoq adapters can be opened and the user can place their own phone charging cables in. This isn’t particularly ideal– due to adapter design, but it still works for those who’ve tried the clip as intended and feel they can do without it.

The Docking Station

The udoq docking station is light aluminum but it’s sturdy enough to house all of your devices comfortably. Though some kind of groove in the dock would have made the devices sit better on the station, the dock holds devices wonderfully. Each device can have room to charge without being cluttered on the dock. My family uses a lot of Apple products and I was able to charge my iPad Pro, my wife’s iPad and a couple of iPhones at the same time. They all fit.

udoq. YBLTV Review by Washington Thompson III.
udoq. YBLTV Review by Washington Thompson III.

The docking station is angled to hold your devices upright while charging, allowing the user to quickly check battery progress without moving it. The silicon strap that lines the front facing back of the dock, promises to protect your devices from scratching. A small carrying case is attached to the back of the station, which erases the clutter from the docking cords and the USB charging base. Udoq sells parts and accessories that allow for several different configurations, including wall mounting.

“There’s no better detach-n-go charger than the udoq docking station,” Washington Thompson, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer @washthompson3


  • Upright docking station that charges iOS, Android and USB mobile devices
  • With grab-n-go charging, users can set device on the dock to charge and grab when ready without any issue
  • Adjustable charging connectors that can be placed at different heights in the the udoq adapter
  • Adapters are easily opened to change cord height or charging cable type
  • Adapters slide on the udoq station to accommodate larger devices or user charging configuration
  • Cords and chargers can be placed in a carrying case that comes attached to the udoq station
  • Docking stations come in different sizes, udoq250 (250mm) to udoq700 (700mm) models


  • Any old charging cables owned will need to be replaced to work with udoq
udoq. YBLTV Review by Washington Thompson III.
udoq. YBLTV Review by Washington Thompson III.

Final Thoughts

The udoq docking station was a wonder to review. I loved the ability to just place my device on the charging stand, then the quickness of taking it off when I needed it. There was no hassle and I immediately wanted to purchase more connectors, just to get that quick, grab motion with all of my devices. There was little to nothing that I could think of when working with the product that struck me as a negative. My only question lies with udoq’s preparation for the future, which has nothing to do with this product and everything to do with me as a new customer who will want more from this company in the future.

The udoq station will be a blessing for any family that has more than one mobile device in their home. The family of today that needs to charge more than one at a time but can’t stand the clutter inherent with all of the cords. The udoq docking station is the go-to way of charging for anyone wanting to take the tedium out of device charging.

There’s no better detach-n-go charger than the udoq docking station. Be sure to enter above for your chance to win our udoq400 Father’s Day Giveaway!


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer Washington Thompson III, received udoq400 from udoq in consideration for a Product Review.

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