Driving to the National Hardware Show is Easy with Nite Ize’s Steelie FreeMount Windshield

Steelie FreeMount Windshield System by Nite Ize, Inc. YBLTV Review by Brandy Falconer.

Steelie FreeMount Windshield System by Nite Ize, Inc. YBLTV Review by Brandy Falconer.

YBLTV Review: Steelie FreeMount Windshield System by Nite Ize, Inc.

If you’re driving late at night right now on your way to the 2018 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas for the first day of the Show, you’ll be happy to know that Nite Ize is exhibiting! Drop by their booth #6446 and maybe you’ll get a chance to connect with Nite Ize, Inc. CEO, Rick Case.

“The Steelie FreeMount Windshield system by Nite Ize, Inc. anchors your smartphone to your windshield and offers supreme portability and range of movement. With your phone secure, you can concentrate on your driving,” Brandy Falconer – YBLTV Reviewer/Writer/Anchor @VoxVinum

Nite Ize, Inc. YBLTV Review by Brandy Falconer.

Nite Ize, Inc. YBLTV Review by Brandy Falconer.

I’m ready to accept the fact that my smartphone is a part of my daily life and not just a communications device. The Steelie FreeMount Windshield system by Nite Ize brought me to that conclusion after seeing how much more useful my phone is when conveniently accessible. The system is made up of a windshield suction cup mount with extending arm with a steel ball at the end as the connection point, and an adjustable phone bracket with a magnet on the back to connect to the ball.

The first things to catch my attention:

  • Form and function combine for an efficiently engineered device
  • The FreeMount bracket has the magnet, so your phone doesn’t need one
  • The Steelie ball offers a wide range of movement for optimum positioning
  • Easy suction cup mount and phone releases from Steelie or FreeMount bracket

What I instantly noticed about the Steelie FreeMount Windshield system is its design and style. It looks durable, sturdy and easy to use, with no excess material or pieces. I like how the arm that extends out from the suction base to hold the phone is adjustable for different angles of windshields. The adjusting knob has ridges so it’s easy to grip and turn to lock it into position. The arm is not a simple solid piece of aluminum but has been made as light as possible with tapering on one end and cut outs on the sides. This gives it an engineered, hi-tech look. The Steelie, a polished steel ball 1” in diameter sits at the end of the arm as the connection point to the phone or bracket. Having grown up playing marbles, I recognize the Steelie as the king of the game, the strongest and toughest one to have, and I think this cleverly lends more “long lasting” credibility to this unit.

I’m a tech slowpoke and not quite ready for a magnet on the back of my phone even if it allows me to seamlessly move it from one holding device to the next. So I am thrilled that the Steelie system offers a solution for those of us with commitment issues. The FreeMount device that grips your phone on the sides has the magnet on its back. What I had to get used to was deciding how to release my phone from the windshield mount. The FreeMount bracket holding my phone has the magnet that attaches to the Steelie, so, as a lover of complicating things, I kept trying to unlatch my phone from the grip of the FreeMount rather than just pulling off the entire unit to use my navigation app before hitting the road. After a few trips I got this down. When running multiple errands I then did the same thing, just pulled the FreeMount with the phone from the Steelie and put it in my purse.

I wish the release lever for the FreeMount device was easier to manage with one hand, although I can’t think of a solution that would make that possible. While it is easy to toggle the lever with one hand to release it, you need the second hand to catch the phone as it falls quickly out of the bracket when it opens. Took me a couple of times to learn that as well. This is why having the magnet on the back of your phone can be more efficient.

I love the extreme range of mobility that the Steelie affords, even with the FreeMount bracket holding my phone. I can turn the phone to view horizontally or vertically and I can angle it towards another passenger or in a position to see the screen if the sun is in my eyes. The magnet that attaches to the Steelie ball is concaved to match the shape and has silicone at the center and around the outer edge which makes the movement frictionless and smooth. The magnet is powerful enough to grip securely and easy enough to pull off without feeling like you are going to yank the whole unit from the windshield.

Nite Ize, Inc. YBLTV Review by Brandy Falconer.

Nite Ize, Inc. YBLTV Review by Brandy Falconer.

My engineering father would be embarrassed to hear me say that I was concerned about applying this properly to my windshield, but that was my own problem, overcomplicating things again. I could see by the graphics on the device that switching a lever from one side to the next locked and unlocked the suction to the windshield. This time it only took one try to get used to it.

The convenience of the Steelie mount system is most apparent when I am finished driving and have arrived home. I love that I can just pull the FreeMount holding my phone off of the windshield mount, bring it inside and place it on a Steelie pedestal on my desk. My phone stays in the bracket and I can easily read messages and type replies with one hand. Because of the magnet on the back of the FreeMount, I can also attach it to other magnetic surfaces like a refrigerator or cabinet.

The Steelie FreeMount Windshield system by Nite Ize gives you the freedom to move from car to home with your phone and keep it sleek with no attachments. You’ll get more use out of your smartphone with this system that keeps it securely mounted and adjusts easily to the best position to suit your task.

Visit Steelie – the World’s Greatest Mobile Device Holder for more information.

Product Details

  • Magnetic phone mounting system with windshield mount and adjustable phone-holding bracket
  • Fits most phones with or without a case 2.24″ – 3.54″ wide | 57mm – 90mm
  • Adjusts and holds at any viewing angle
  • FreeMount features a powerful neodymium magnet
  • The neodymium magnet features a secure grip silicone center for smooth articulation with Steelie components
  • The neodymium magnet features a protective, non-slip outer silicone ring for strong grip to flat magnetic surfaces
  • Compatible with devices enabled with inductive charging
  • Quick release button for easy one handed device removal
  • Windshield Mount has adjustable aluminum arm with suspended Steelie ball design
  • Windshield Mount uses patented suction cup design for ultimate holding power
  • Windshield Mount features suction cup with lever for engagement/quick release
  • Includes: Windshield Mount and FreeMount with fit adjustment pads


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Anchor / Writer / Reviewer Brandy Falconer, received the Steelie FreeMount Windshield System for free from Nite Ize, Inc. in consideration for a Product Review.

Nite Ize, Inc., CEO, Rick Case with YBLTV Anchor / Writer / Reviewer Brandy Falconer.

Nite Ize, Inc., CEO, Rick Case with YBLTV Anchor / Writer / Reviewer Brandy Falconer.