Eat Healthy, Be Nutrition Wealthy by NUTRiBULLET Pro

Nutribullet Pro. YBLTV Review by Chetana Tiwary.
NutriBullet Pro. YBLTV Review by Chetana Tiwary.


My life was going so hectic with job and family that indirectly I was getting inclined towards processed and junk food. For a healthy life I started searching the easiest solution of consuming fruits, green vegetables & nuts. Then I found NutriBullet Pro and I am using it everyday. It proved as a blessing for me & my family. I loved it so much that I can’t resist myself to write a review about it. Now, I can blend my favorite fresh or frozen fruits with ice, vegetables & nuts in seconds. It breaks down them to their most absorbable state. The powerful motor in NutriBullet extracts the nutrients by breaking down the cell walls of fibrous plant foods, releasing important vitamins and minerals contained within. Now we get the highest degree of nutrition without fiber, pulp, seeds and skins. The drink is very smooth, easily digestible and easily absorbable. Nutribullet has made my life easier with full of nutrition.

“Eat healthy, be nutrition wealthy by NUTRiBULLET Pro,”Chetana Tiwary, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer

Nutribullet Pro. YBLTV Review by Chetana Tiwary.
NutriBullet Pro. YBLTV Review by Chetana Tiwary.

Product Features

NutriBullet Pro is a compact single serve blender. It is also called as powerful nutrition extractor. NutriBullet is equipped with a very powerful efficient motor with smartsense. NutriBullet has several models to choose from: the original & best selling, NutriBullet,  NutriBullet Pro, NutriBullet Balance and NutriBullet Rx. The NutriBullet Pro model has the high powered 900 watts motor and enhanced capacity. It has been equipped with much more modern sense. The NutriBullet Rx provides all the benefits of previous editions with an additional smart feature of 95% nutrient extraction ratio with the power of 1700 watts.

Sharp Milling Blades

NutriBullet’s sharp milling blades are completely made out of stainless steel. They easily grind grains, nuts, seeds, turmeric roots, raw chocolates and many more food stuffs. It is very easy to liquefy all kinds of fruits & vegetables in the form of a delicious smoothie.

Variety of Cups

NutriBullet includes the 32 oz. colossal cups along with 24 oz. two tall cups and a small cup. The Colossal cup is very helpful for anyone with a big appetite as it holds two or more servings at a time. It is attached with a lip ring for comfortable drinking. The tall cup provides enough space to mix your drink properly. It comes with a handed Lip Ring which is very comfy! NutriBullet Rx has a 45 oz. cup for multi-serve.

Flip Top To-Go Lid

The cup has a new feature Flip Top To-Go Lid which helps to carry the drink anywhere either in the gym, workplace or simply shopping. You can also enjoy your drink while driving. The lid helps to keep the drink fresh, spill or mess-free.

User Manual and Cook Book

The NutriBullet pack comes with a User Manual & a Cook Book. The User Manual is very helpful for first-time users as the motor base doesn’t have any buttons to operate. It includes other instructions, too. The cook book has various recipes for drinks, including Nutriblast.

Nutribullet Pro. YBLTV Review by Chetana Tiwary.
NutriBullet Pro. YBLTV Review by Chetana Tiwary.

Specifications for the NutriBullet Pro

  • Wattage Output: 900 watts/1.2 horse power
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Capacity: up to 32 oz.
  • Appliance Capabilities: Shreds, Blends, Grinds, Chops
  • Serving size: Single
  • RPM: 25,000RPM
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • BPA(Bisphenol A) – Free

Please visit NutriBullet for a comparable product specifications chart between the NutriBullet Pro with other models.


The powerful motor with sharp blades can crush fruits, vegetables, nuts & ice in seconds. You can also chop any vegetable or make salsa or any puree in it. I make a breakfast smoothie for my whole family in very less time by just changing the cups and attaching the same blade base. The Flip Top To-Go Lid helps to carry the cup wherever you go. The cup is dishwasher-safe & the blade gets clean easily by simply rinsing with soap & water. The blender is very compact so it hardly takes up any of your kitchen space. The recipe book helps in making a variety of drinks.


It is a little noisy, so please don’t use it at night as it will disturb others’ sleep. It’s a little tricky as it has no buttons, so new users may struggle in adjusting and pressing the cup on the motor to start. Slowly, you will be a pro user. The plastic jar doesn’t allow the hot or carbonated drinks & you can’t store the drink in it for long hours. It comes with single extractor blade, thus be prepared to order it separately if you need more.

Final Thoughts

I always feel proud about my decision to buy NutriBullet. This has given me the best nutritious drinks in the least amount of time. It has saved me both money & time– as I hardly stop at any natural drink or juice store anymore. I prepare a variety of shakes for my family & guests who demand organic fruits & food products. Now, we are living a happy, healthy & less stressful life. I will recommend this product to everyone who is looking for a powerful, affordable, durable and easy to handle blender. People can opt for any model according to their serving needs.

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Nutribullet Pro. YBLTV Review by Chetana Tiwary.
Nutribullet Pro. YBLTV Review by Chetana Tiwary.

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