Troll Inc. Movie Review: See What Makes The Internet’s Trolls Tick

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YBLTV Movie Review – Troll, Inc.

Troll Inc. tells the story of a guy that did his job, but the way he did it caused an international incident.

  • A deep look into the occupation of hackers and securities firms
  • Andrew Auernheimermakes bold statements that may upset you
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YBLTV Movie Review – Troll, Inc.

Buckle in, and forget everything you know about trolls. Internet trolls, that is. Trolls Inc. is a documentary following the world’s most famous internet troll, Andrew Auernheimer and a hand full of friends, as they explain their side of the story: interrupting the media machine that is all around us. Are they good guys or are they bad guys? That is something you have to decide.

The Setup

Andrew and his friends take pride in ruffling the feathers of the populace. While that is not a crime, neither is it a popular position in today’s society. Shutting of lights during the Super Bowl or shutting down a government website. Sure, these are disruptive practices. Though when you take a step back and look at what they are actually doing, versus what they are capable of, they are no worse than the guys we all went to school that changed all the color coding forms in a local office or dyed the school swimming pool pink for a prank.

“Troll Inc. tells the story of a guy that did his job, but the way he did it caused an international incident.” Patrick Mackey, @mackeyp42, YBLTV Writer/Reviewer

Maybe you’re familiar with Andrew Auernheimer, and maybe you’re not. He purposefully makes bold statements that may upset you. That does not make his viewpoint wrong. He talks about how trolling comes from dissatisfaction, and that no one in the United States is truly happy with their lot in life.

Someone in Andrew’s group finds a weakness in an iPad design, and allows Andrew to go public with it. While it sounds like he’s doing the right thing to me, it is never as simple as that. The number of people affected by this flaw turns this into an international incident. Andrew was arrested and dragged halfway across the country to be put on trial. Thus begins the long, drawn out legal process. I will let you the reader look into the outcome of Andrew’s case.

Troll Inc. YBLTV Film Review by Patrick Mackey.

Troll Inc. YBLTV Film Review by Patrick Mackey.

Final Thoughts

While it is a gray area as far as right and wrong, this is the occupation of hackers and securities firms like what Andrew belong to. To identify the errors that could be catastrophic, so that the companies can fix them before being released to the general public. One of the interviewees in the film even states, it is becoming more complicated to do this job in a manner that remains legal.

Maybe you will enjoy Troll, Inc., and maybe you will not. It will certainly open your eyes. For better or for worse, that is a decision that is left to time, as well as the individual. Personally, if I had gone through what Andrew had, I would do the same thing he did in relocating.



Genre: Documentary
Studio: Content Farm
Starring: Andrew ‘weev’ Auernheimer, Gabriella Coleman
Directed By: George Russell
Produced By: George Russell, Jennifer Schwager

Available on VOD May 22, 2018.


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer Patrick Mackey, received a digital copy of Troll Inc. for free from October Coast in consideration for a Product Review.