Cam Caddie – Search for the Scorpion!

Sean X. Kelley, Skateboarder & Videographer, Cam Caddie.
Sean X. Kelley, Skateboarder & Videographer, Cam Caddie.

YBLTV Meets Cam Caddie

As a professional cameraman, I shoot not only for my own projects but for clients as well, meaning sometimes I use my own cameras, other times I use the client’s gear. On a shoot for a friend earlier this year, I was handed a small Sony handycam attached to an interesting mount, one that looked as though it could be called a “scorpion tail” as the handle for the rig curled up and over the camera mount creating a well-balanced handle. I liked it from the start, as it made the small handycam easier to wield since I’m used to larger, heavier cameras.

Soon after that shoot, I got busy researching this rig online, and though I didn’t have a brand name to go on, querying “scorpion tail” soon provided me with a ton of results. One I noticed right away was for a company called Cam Caddie and what drew me to their site was a statement they made claiming to be the originators of the scorpion tail camera rig. That got my attention immediately as I like doing business with companies who are the originators of products and designs. A casual search for scorpion tail rigs had quickly turned into a lengthy perusal of the Cam Caddie website and its products. I was sold.

What made this all the better was that the NAB show here in Las Vegas was just a few weeks out, and Cam Caddie was now at the top of my list for companies I wanted to check out first. When I hit the floor at the NAB show, I made a b-line for the Cam Caddie booth and was amazed at the wide range of products they had on display. Their Scorpion lineup features models that are specialized for cellphones and small action cameras like GoPros all the way up to larger camcorders and DSLRs. Add to that a wide variery of accessories that can turn a Scorpion into a full-blown rig and it’s easy to see that the thought and engineering that go into the Cam Caddie product line is first rate.

“Cam Caddie, when you want the best, go to the original!” Erik Falconer, YBLTV Multimedia Producer, @JALVisualMedia

But engineering is often one thing, look, feel and quality are usually, something else. The Cam Caddie product line is made up of very high-quality components, you can see it in the build quality of the Scorpion rigs all the way to the beautiful CNC-machined components used to fully outfit them. The best part of the Cam Caddie Scorpion lineup is the versatility designed into it. A Scorpion can be used as a handheld rig featuring multiple camera and accessory configurations, it can also be equipped to function as a shoulder-mounted system and is equally at home on a tripod.

So head over to their website, and browse the impressive product line and start building up your own Cam Caddie rig. Me, I’ll be doing a review here on YBLTV of the Scorpoin XL and Cheeseplate mount kits to test fly my Nikon D850 as a video rig. Something tells me, I’m going to be quite pleased with the results. Stay tuned!

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