myCharge AdventureUltra Review: Where Will It Take You?

myCharge AdventureUltra. YBLTV Review by Erika Blackwell.

myCharge AdventureUltra. YBLTV Review by Erika Blackwell.

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myCharge AdventureUltra

myCharge AdventureUltra should be a critical part of anyone's digital life!

  • Extremely powerful & portable
  • Easy to operate
  • Able to charge multiple devices at a time
  • Perfect for use on an airplane or camping/tailgating
  • Great replacement for a generator
  • Maintains full battery efficiency up to 3 months
  • LCD sceen indicator easy-to-read
  • Equipped with fan to keep cool/prevent overheating
  • Automatically turns off in 60 secs if not charging any device
  • Output toggle buttons may possibly turn on or off inadvertently if placed in a bag or suitcase if other objects press against device
  • Will not charge any AC item over 45 watts
  • A tad heavy!
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YBLTV Review: myCharge AdventureUltra

A product that you love, that you can afford, that is easy to operate, that you use everyday – that is priceless. That’s exactly the feeling I got when I received myCharge AdventureUltra to review.

Without batteries to power our digital devices we would all be lost – completely powerless. How many times have you cringed looking at your phone, your laptop or iPad knowing that you only have another 3% before your device shuts off and you can’t send that urgent email, answer a call from your boss or play a favorite video game on an airplane.

When unboxing the AdventureUltra, you get a great Quick Start Guide to peruse. Printed on glossy, heavier card stock – this isn’t your typical guide printed on flimsy, tiny, match-book paper with type so small — you need a magnifying glass to read!

The AdventureUltra is part of myCharge’s Adventure Series & Power Outlet Series. Charging the AdventureUltra is a snap. Simply, plug one end of the included DC power adapter into the unit and recharge via any AC power  outlet. An LCD screen then shows the charge level in eight bars – easy to know exactly how much charge you’ve got!

What intrigued me the most about the Adventure Ultra is that it’s the very first battery I’ve met that has an OUTLET! Charge your MacBook, a fan, bluetooth speaker, small LED TVs and more… This hub and inverter offers the highest power output – perfectly suited for replacing generators used when camping or tailgating this summer.

“myCharge should be a critical part of anyone’s digital life!” Erika Blackwell, YBLTV Anchor / Multimedia Producer

To charge your devices, either AC output or USB output can be used at any given time. Toggle between them as needed – as the word “ON” or “OFF” is shown accordingly on the LCD display. There are two USB outputs; one USB-C output and one AC power output. Battery capacity is 13400mAh. If laptop is on (open), the charger will run the laptop and charge its battery. If the laptop is off (closed), the charger powers just the laptop’s battery.

Take note that the AdventureUltra will not charge devices that have an input greater than 45W. (I was bummed when I found out it won’t charge my curling iron!) So, first, calculate the compatibility of your device by checking out the rating label of your device’s power adapter – specifically the output. By multiplying its amps with the volts, you’ll get its watts. If your device’s input is 45 watts or lower, you’re good to go! Otherwise, if your device input is higher than 45 watts, then the AdventureUltra will not power your device. If the combined AC + USB power is greater than 45 watts, then the USB ports will automatically turn off while the mesage, “Max Power Exceeded” is shown in the LCD display.

If no devices are being charged, then the AdventureUltra will automatically turn off in 60 seconds. This is by far another great feature of the AdventureUltra, aka The Power Outlet.

myCharge AdventureUltra Quick Start Guide. YBLTV Review by Erika Blackwell.

myCharge AdventureUltra Quick Start Guide.

Final Thoughts

Though this is my first review experience with myCharge, their products seem top-of-the-line. The AdventureUltra is strong, durable and most importantly reliable. With a great variety of chargers, you’ll be sure to find one for every need or situation. myCharge should be a critical part of anyone’s digital life!

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Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Anchor / Multimedia Producer, Erika Blackwell, received the myCharge AdventureUltra for free from myCharge in consideration for a Product Review.