OWC's Product Development Engineer, Luke Engstrom chats with YBLTV Anchor / Writer / Reviewer, Brandy Falconer at NAB 2018.

OWC’s Valkyrie Adds Power and Portability to your Collaborative Workflow System!

Other World Computing, Inc., NAB 2018.
Other World Computing, Inc., NAB 2018.

YBLTV Meets OWC’s Valkyrie at NAB 2018

The Next in the OWC Jupiter Line of Portable/Rack Mountable Shared Storage for Media Workflows

OWC proves once again that if it can be made, it can eventually be made smaller, stronger and faster. Their powerful Jupiter enterprise rack system with a 16-and 8-bay configuration is a behemoth, allowing multiple editors on a single system without having to use scratch disks or pools. Utilizing ZFS offers users the most robust file system available for those who want a redundant storage system not on the cloud. It has the capability of managing Petabytes to Zettabytes of data, as well as being self-monitoring and self-repairing, so your data is always safe.

Watch our interview above from NAB 2018 with OWC’s Product Development Engineer, Luke Engstrom.

With Jupiter as their base ecosystem, OWC now welcomes its powerful younger brother, Valkyrie, which offers all the robust features in a compact and lightweight package. As a bonus, later this year it will be shipped with a waterproof Pelican case. It utilizes the same ZFS file system, which gives you data redundancy, data repair and top speeds for seamless collaboration at an affordable price. Your options are not limited when it comes to peripherals or protocols, just another example of their commitment to user-friendly products.

Other World Computing, Inc., NAB 2018.
Other World Computing, Inc., NAB 2018.

Compact Valkyrie is easy to carry or ship which means you can work from a hotel room or in the field. Easy-to-use reporting features means networking a tablet or iOS device lets you effortlessly monitor storage and manage users. Plus, for any help you may need, customer support is the same team that developed the product, so you’ll be talking with someone equally passionate and knowledgeable about the products.

OWC takes pride in offering quality solutions, but the innovation doesn’t stop there. Speed, efficiency and durability are the finishing touches that make their products stand out in a vast and ever-developing industry.

“OWC continues to prove they are the leader in developing solutions for secure storage and lightning-fast collaboration with their Jupiter and new Valkyrie systems,” Brandy Falconer, YBLTV Anchor / Writer / Reviewer, @VoxVinum

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