VIDEO: CannaVinus: A Perfect Wine Pairing for Cannabis?

CannaVinus at Nightclub & Bar Show 2018.

CannaVinus at Nightclub & Bar Show 2018.

As a lover of good wine and promoter of fine Italian wines, I have been skeptical about the recent trend of wines that contain CBD or THC. I haven’t understood the need to combine the two, especially in that way. So when I saw that the 2018 Nightclub and Bar Show had a special section devoted to the evolving Cannabis industry, I decided to push my boundaries and try to learn something new. When I saw the booth promoting a product called CannaVinus, I approached, figuring it was an enhanced wine, but when the producer poured me a sample and I looked at him quizzically, he immediately smiled and said, “there’s nothing in it, it is only wine.”

CannaVinus is a specially-blended wine created to complement your cannabis experience, namely smoking. The flavor profile of the wine, the lower alcohol content and the higher acidity combine to meet their goal of creating a beverage that is meant to enhance, not compete with your enjoyment.

Who knew there was a perfect wine pairing for the flavor profile of Cannabis?

Blended with a small amount of moscato grapes with an addition of elderberry, no stranger to home wine-making enthusiasts, and mint, it has a pleasing, well-rounded and not-too-sweet flavor. There is a definite green herb and floral aroma, and the taste is wonderfully acidic with fresh and earthy undertones. The combination offers what the producer sees as the perfect pairing for the flavors and aromas typically associated with cannabis.

Making the wine less sweet and slightly more acidic or tart has a purpose. From the first sip, you notice it promotes salivation which is meant to balance out dry mouth, often experienced when smoking.

At only 6% Alcohol, well below the typical 12-14% found in most wines, it is not meant to alter the experience, only to be an enhancement of it. So the producers encourage you to go ahead and pour you and your guests a nice, chilled glass and continue the conversation.

As cannabis becomes more a part of the mainstream, with many people moving from suspicious to curious, I think a wine made to pair with it is a good way to capture that new audience.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Premium Blend‘s, VP, Henry Santos. Visit CannaVinus for more info.