The Woojer Strap Review: DJs YOU NEED THE WOOJER STRAP!

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Woojer Strap ROCKS!

Every DJ in the music industry should be wearing the Woojer Strap!

  • Simple directions!
  • Six to eight hours of use time from the built in wireless battery
  • Excellent for use in gaming
  • Belt works great both wirelessly and connected
  • Can be therapeutic as the built-in speakers act as sort of a message
  • Great look and design
  • None
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Woojer USA, Inc Strap. YBLTV Review by Jack X.

Woojer USA, Inc Strap. YBLTV Review by Jack X.

YBLTV Review: Woojer Strap

Add Some Bass to Your Mobile Media

I love listening to new music on YouTube using my iPad. The only drawback with using a mobile device I have found is not feeling the bass due to lack of a bass speaker. The company that has solved this dilemma is the Strap by Woojer USA, Inc. With the 2018 Nightclub & Bar Show coming up in just a few weeks, I’m sure a lot of DJs who will be attending would love to check out the Woojer!! Every DJ in my opinion should be wearing one!

The Strap works by literally strapping bass speakers directly to your body in the form of a belt. Through this method the speakers send the bass frequencies directly into your body wherever the belt is strapped.

The Woojer Strap has wireless functionality to allow the belt to receive audio signals through a bluetooth connection. Once connected via bluetooth, the user connects their personal headphones of choice directly into the headphone port on the Strap. The belt includes volume buttons that controls how loud the audio through headphones is. The directions included ask that the user user turn up the volume on their device all the way up to max as volume upon a connection will then be controlled through the belt. The belt also includes buttons to control the bass level the speakers built into the belt put out. Users get an estimated six to eight hours of use time from the built in wireless battery depending of course on how loud one sets the speakers built into the belt. The belt does include a wired mode with the audio cable included with the belt. This extends use time as one can still use the belt as the built in battery is recharging or have the option to not use wireless mode and save battery use for later.

“Every DJ in the music industry should be wearing the Woojer Strap!” Jack X, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer

Another use I found with the belt besides with mobile devices was gaming. I plugged the belt into my Playstation 4 late one night to play a midnight round of Horizon Zero Dawn (I had bought the extended story DLC) and Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag. The belt worked amazingly when hooked up to my Playstation. With Horizon I could feel every stomp of a machine character in game pulsing through my stomach, especially when I faced several of the larger in game machines. With Assassins Creed the belt made me feel more connected to the world of pirates as I felt the blasts of cannons through my body each time I went into battle. After about six hours my Playstation began warning me that the belt was running low on power. So I turned off the belt and ran it on wired mode for the rest of my gaming time. Both wirelessly and connected the belt works great.

Woojer Strap Box includes:

  • Portable Carrying Case with strap, recharge cable and audio cable
  • Directions and getting started guide
  • Woojer Strap Device
Woojer USA, Inc Strap. YBLTV Review by Jack X.

Woojer USA, Inc Strap. YBLTV Review by Jack X.

Final Thoughts

The part I found useful was how simple the directions were. I find that ease of directions can be the one part that makes or breaks a product and the directions that Woojer includes for this device are great. I found the belt to actually be therapeutic in a way as the vibrations from the built-in speakers act as sort of a message.

The overall best part about the belt is the look. I nicknamed the belt the Bat Belt, as it looks like the belt that Batman wears when fighting crime. The belt looks amazing when turned on and the lights in the front of the belt are activated. I suggest the Woojer Strap to anyone looking to add some bass to their mobile media. Woojer does have a Vest version and if it works as well as the Strap I would love to test it out for a review.


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer, Jack X received the Woojer Strap for free from Woojer USA, Inc. in consideration for a Product Review.


Woojer USA, Inc. was an Exhibitor at the 2018 CES Show in Las Vegas, NV.