C-Mouse Quick Peek: The Calculator Mouse

C-Mouse’s Joystick Replaces Both the Mouse and the Number Pad

Prototype, C-Mouse is a fascinating, intuitive calculator that uses a joystick to enter numbers for an easier blind data entry. It can be used as a conventional calculator or connected to a computer through bluetooth. You can even use the same joystick to move on spreadsheet software cells as well as replacing all the functions of a standard or conventional mouse. Its calculator is patent-pending in numerous countries, including the US.

“Do it all with one device and a few simple click. With the C-Mouse, the possibilities are all at your fingertips,” Sarah Kepins, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer

If you are an accountant or work in administration, the C-Mouse looks like a perfect fit! Malik Boulanaache is the inventor of the C-Mouse.

For more info, please visit the C-Mouse website.


Video provided by C-Mouse. C-Mouse was an Exhibitor at the 2018 CES Show in Las Vegas, NV.