VIDEO: OtterBox Disney Castle Cases: Here Come Minnie and Mickey Mouse

YBLTV Quick Peek: OtterBox Disney Castle Cases

As Disney fans, when we saw the new Mickey and Minnie phone cases at CES 2018, we were instantly taken.  But the park-specific “Castle Cases” left us speechless! OtterBox has made an alliance with Disney which means they are licensed to bring Disney and Star Wars to life on smartphone cases. Your phone is no good if it is not protected, and OtterBox is known as the benchmark for phone case form and function.

The “Castle Cases” are beautifully designed, reflect the pure magic of the parks and evoke that happy Disney feeling…something that is meant to be shared! And what better way to share it than with a smartphone case?  The fun thing about the castle cases is that they are park-specific: Sleeping Beauty’s for Disneyland, and Cinderella’s for Walt Disney World. And the kicker is that these cases can only be purchased at the parks! They will not be sold online, so you are welcome, for another reason to visit your favorite Disney park!