VIDEO: Coravin, From Wine Company to Wine Tech Company

YBLTV Meets Coravin, Inc.

How many times have you made your wine selection for the evening based on how much of the bottle you intended to consume? How many times have you wanted to use a particular wine in your recipe, but used something already open or of lesser quality because you didn’t want to open and then drink that nicer bottle with dinner?

Do you know that you don’t have to make your wine choices based on circumstances anymore? Coravin allows you to select any wine, when you want it, and enjoy however much of it you want at that time. With its patented technology, Coravin is a Wine Preservation Opener, not simply a preserver to stretch a bottle’s life for a few days. Instead, Coravin allows the cork to always remain in the bottle utilizing a needle that passes through the elastic cork and argon gas to prevent oxidation. The unit is placed over the top of the bottle, cork and foil still intact, and pressing down on the unit pushes the needle through the cork. Wine then flows easily into your glass, and then when the needle is removed, the cork naturally seals itself and the wine bottle remains “unopened.” Inert argon gas, the same used in wine production, is incorporated by way of replaceable cartridges inside the unit. The gas replaces the poured wine in the bottle and this means it will keep not just for days, but months and even years.

“When it comes to your favorite wines, Coravin lets you serve it AND preserve it!” – Brandy Falconer, YBLTV Anchor / Writer / Reviewer

Coravin, Inc. at CES 2018.

Coravin, Inc. at CES 2018.

Pushing the envelope of wine preservation and enjoyment, Coravin introduces the Model Eleven, a connected, Bluetooth-enabled device with an accompanying app that allows users to fully tailor their wine drinking experience and find different ways to build their virtual or real collection. The Coravin Moments app helps you discover similar wines to the one you’ve opened and gives suggestions on what to drink with your favorite food or even movie. Coravin has gone from a wine company to the “premier global wine tech company” with Coravin Model Eleven and the Coravin Moments app.

Commenting on Coravin Model Eleven being a 2018 CES Innovation Award honoree, Frédéric Levy, CEO of Coravin says, “we are using technology to change the way the world drinks and thinks about wine. The Coravin Model Eleven and Coravin Moments provides us with a unique platform to connect wine enthusiasts around the globe.” He adds, “we’re living in a time when people are prioritizing unique, enriching experiences over material things. Wine, unlike any other beverage, sparks the senses and plays a pivotal role in creating memorable moments.”

So now you don’t need to wait for a particular anniversary to open that special bottle, instead, with Coravin, toast with it now, and again over the next few years. At your next wine tasting, open as many bottles as you like to share with guests and pair with dishes, and put any unused portion, perfectly preserved, back in the fridge or cellar. Enjoy, explore and expand your wine experience with Coravin Model Eleven and Coravin Moments, coming in September, 2018!

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