Power Meter City's PowerPod Power Meter. YBLTV Review by William Fraser.

Keep Track of Every Statistic with the PowerPod Power Meter

YBLTV Review: PowerPod Power Meter from Power Meter City

Sometimes the world of cycling can be quite intimidating. With all the technology available, it can be difficult for a novice cyclist like myself to really get immersed in the riding way of life. The PowerPod Power Meter I received to review from Power Meter City manages to straddle the line very well, doing its job of accurately measuring every statistic a rider can imagine while retaining its affordability and convenience.


Like I mentioned before, the world of cycling can be very complicated with its intricate products that require a lot of experience to even use. But the PowerPod could be used by anyone who is even remotely familiar with using a computer. The software for the product walks the customer through every step, ensuring there is no confusion. Besides the effortlessness on the technical side, fitting the device to the handlebars of your bike cannot be easier. The PowerPod is truly a product for the novice and experienced rider, alike.


This is where the PowerPod quietly shines. Being so easy to use and install, it still boasts an accuracy of +/- 3%, which is absolutely baffling. There have been reports that the product’s accuracy fluctuates if you hit a bump in the road, not to mention it also jars loose on occasion, both of which happened during my rides with the product. However, as instructed in Power Meter City’s FAQ, a simple re-adjustment of the PowerPod is all it takes. With these being the only problems I found with the product, they are very minor compared to all the perks the PowerPod delivers.


  • $299 – $418.94
  • Accelerometer
  • Elevation sensor
  • Speed sensor
  • USB cable for computer access and charging
  • Bike mount
  • Tool kit
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • 20 hours of battery life


  • Easy attachment
  • Simplistic charging and computer navigation
  • Universal and discreet design fits any bike
  • Very inexpensive when compared to traditional competition


  • Occasionally jars loose
  • Infrequent fluctuations in accuracy of information

“Power Meter City’s PowerPod is truly a product for the novice and experienced rider, alike.” – William Fraser, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer

Final Verdict

Here’s the cherry on top: the PowerPod is only $299. Now, if you’re just getting into cycling like I am, this price may scare you. However, compared with traditional forms of measuring a rider’s output, the PowerPod is more simple to install and about half the average price of its competition.

Visit Power Meter City for more info and be sure to check out their Beginner’s Guide to Power Meters.


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer, William Fraser received The PowerPod Power Meter for free from Power Meter City in consideration for a Product Review.

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