Camping Is Now More Convenient Than Ever With The RōM Pack from RōM Outdoors

Take The RōM Pack With You This Summer On Any Excursion

I decided to get the all black RōM Pack instead of the lighter color and camouflage hoping to discourage any type of bird or animal — besides black goes with everything! I love the way the outdoor RōM Pack looks straight out of the package. Immediately, I went towards the detachable pouch that had a bright red key latch which holds a compass. I used the detachable pouch right away because of how convenient it is to use for short trips. The detachable pouch is a nice size that is able to hold cell phones, toiletries, and anything I can take out of my purse and put into the pouch.

Having a compass attached to the backpack I think is a genius idea! And it being attached to the key latch to hold your keys — awesome! Like I said– convenience is key for me.

Though it looks super cool straight out of the package, the RōM Pack was very heavy in weight and that was a slight problem for me — being that I am 5 feet tall and 125 lbs. But the Pack makes up for that in what it can do — and besides its awesome compass. The Pack also folds out as a blanket – having both a terry cloth soft-side (which my dogs love!) and a repellant side for frost or rain. It measures about 4ft in length and can accommodate two people.

I also took advantage of the blanket turning into a poncho with an attached hood. The poncho is very heavy and warm so that won’t be a problem on cold nights. However, the downfall is that the soft terry cloth side is not on the inside which makes it a bit uncomfortable — the repellant side is on the inside.  Nevertheless, I think that being warm in cold temperatures is far more important than experiencing any uncomfortable feeling from the repellant side.

The 3-in-1 all purpose RōM Pack is really different than what I was expecting. I was very impressed by its features with just a hint of disappointment in its weight,” – LaMetra Miller, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer

Now, here is were I am a bit disappointed in the RōM Pack 3-in-1 backpack – drum roll…. It’s when you need to put the backpack back together once you have tried out all of those wonderful features. The RōM Pack is nice and neat in the package, but once you use it for sometime, it becomes a hassle to evenly put together. If you are one of the few who welcomes reading instructions instead of winging it — then the instructions may help a bit even with illustration pictures.

It took about ten minutes to put the RōM Pack together the first time and maybe 7 or 8 minutes after a few times over. The creases will eventually disappear after washing.

I really love the convenience of the RōM Pack and would highly recommend it for those who are regulars seeking outdoor adventures. However, if you are not a regular camper, then this backpack may not be for you. The hassle of putting it back together could be a problem for some. And let me not forget that there is a limited amount of space in the pack– so anything you put in the 4lb. RōM Pack is only going to get heavier. If you are not careful in putting the pack in its proper place, then you will be left with some items not fitting in the way you want.

YBLTV Writer / Reviewer LaMetra Miller reviews RōM Outdoors - Rom Pack.
YBLTV Writer / Reviewer LaMetra Miller reviews RōM Outdoors – Rom Pack.


  • 3-in-1 pack is a pack, blanket and poncho w/hood
  • all 3 features are very useful and work very nicely!
  • pack comes in a variety of colors
  • comes with a compass and detachable pouch
  • small booklet provides useful information on various poisonous plants
  • booklet includes care of backpack and instructions on how to use
  • comfortable fit
  • extra side mesh pockets for small things
  • inner pack as an extra pack for easy items to hold ($4.95)


  • hard to put together once used
  • may not be roomy enough for a user’s camping items
  • very heavy without camping gear


  • Pack – 19” wide x 17” long x 8” tall (filled)
  • Top Pocket – 6” wide x 12” long x 3” tall (filled)
  • Bottom Pocket – 8” wide x 10” long x 3” tall (filled)
  • Blanket – 66” wide x 51” long


  • Main Pack – 2584 cu in
  • Top Pocket – 216 cu in
  • Bottom Pocket – 240 cu in
  • Total Capacity – 3040 cu in
  • weight 4.6 lbs


  • 600D Poly with a PVC backing
  • Water Resistant

Final Thoughts

I will continue to use the RōM Pack for hiking, fishing and other outdoor excursions. However, I will want to limit on what I can put inside, due to the pack’s initial weight. RōM Outdoors has an excellent website with great information detailing how to use the RōM Pack with video and pictures.


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Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer, LaMetra Miller received the RōM Pack  for free from RōM Outdoors  in consideration for a Product Review.

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