Spider-Man: Homecoming Does Not Disappoint

YBLTV Giveaway: Funko, LLC. POP! Lights: Marvel – Spider-Man

YBLTV Giveaway: Funko, LLC. POP! Lights: Marvel – Spider-Man

The CES Show is right around the corner. We’ll be interested to see how movies and consumer electronics continue to merge and how their impact is ever-growing in today’s world of always-on tech.

The latest reboot of the Spider-Man franchise was a success because of what was not in it. No “radioactive spider origin” storyline. No “saving the would-be girlfriend from the villain” storyline, and no “with great power comes great responsibility, should I be Spider-Man or shouldn’t I be Spider-Man” storyline.

There was on the other hand plenty of comedic moments driven by misplaced teenage angst, hormonal miscalculation and a handful of uncomfortable nerd-teens with there own unique deficiencies. All that very funny high school comedy was wonderfully tempered with big action sequences, inventive tech gadgets, a formidable villain and the presence of Tony Stark (a.k.a. Iron Man) and his favorite underling Happy Hogan.

Marvel at Wonder Con 2017.

Marvel at Wonder Con 2017.

As the Marvel Comic Universe expands and develops there is a definite episodic feel to the movies. The cross-pollination of characters has created entertainment opportunities that allows for super-fresh encounters and storyline possibilities.

It is safe to say that Spider-Man is now fully embedded in the Marvel Comic Universe. This newest rendition of the wall-crawler is authentic and true to the original Peter Parker.

Spider-Man has definitely been positioned to do bigger and greater things. Be sure to follow the official Twitter account for Spider-Man: Homecoming, purchase tickets and say hello to Marvel!

Visit Funko, LLC. & Marvel at Comic-Con 2017

Oh, and we do hope you’ve gotten your tickets to Comic-Con! Be sure to visit Funko, LLC. at booth #5341 and Marvel at booth #2329. 


Spider-Man Pop! Party String Lights were graciously provided by Funko, LLC. to YBLTV earlier this year at Licensing Expo 2017  in Las Vegas, NV.