Yamaha Corporation of America.

The Hidden Heroes Behind Yamaha

Yamaha Unveils Its Hidden Heroes at NAB 2017

Yamaha is well known for creating world class recording consoles. What many do not realize is the hard work that happens behind the scenes to make these amazing tools a reality. Watch our interview to learn about the hidden heroes of Yamaha, the companies product development department. Please welcome Yamaha, Product Manager, MI Pro Audio Professional Audio Division, John Schauer from NAB 2017.

“Many do not realize the hard work that happens behind the scenes to make Yamaha’s amazing tools a reality.” – Jack X, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer

About Yamaha Corporation of America

Yamaha Professional Audio offers a complete line of professional audio products for the live, sound reinforcement, broadcast, and post-production markets. This year’s NAB booth included updates for the new Yamaha Rivage PM10 Digital Audio Console, CL/QL Digital Audio Consoles V4.1, and TF Series Digital Audio Consoles V3.5 as well as the NUAGE advanced production DAW workstation featuring the Nuendo V8 software.

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