Learn How Facebook Live Is Changing The Streaming Game

Learn How Facebook Live Is Changing The Streaming Game.

Learn How Facebook Live Is Changing The Streaming Game.

Facebook Video Boot Camp presenters played to a standing room only crowd of National Association of Broadcasters attendees at the 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas, NV. With over 4-billion members, Facebook has shaped what many users want in a social media platform. Facebook Live was a highlight of the session and is clearly a social media and industry game changer.

Facebook Live is not the only streaming source available, but since rolling out to select users in April 2016, they have ironed out the bugs and made live streaming available to members globally. Posted Live videos now go out to all the fans of a page making it very useful for marketing purposes.

This includes media outlets who use it as a tool from mobile phones in dangerous reporting situations. This allows reporters to duck into area shops where Wi-Fi is available and share breaking news stories with viewers.

Facebook Live footage allows celebrities and even Grandma to stream live footage and share news with loved ones. The ability to connect globally sets the stage for forming intentional communities where people can promote events, fundraise, and give live updates. Facebook reports that live streamed videos get significantly more views than regular videos.

At NAB several exhibitors showcased state of the art home entertainment systems. To watch Facebook live footage on a giant wrap-around HD television was amazing.

“For those looking to market services and novices who simply like sharing information, Facebook Live is the ticket.” C. Imani Williams, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer

So, is everything absolutely great about Facebook Live?  With advances in modern technology, we take the good with the bad. Some people still write checks and visit a teller after standing on line, rather than ever submit to internet banking and ATMs. With Facebook Live comes the ability to record acts of violence.

In April, when the Cleveland, Ohio murder of 78-year-old Robert Goodwin was streamed on Facebook Live, it gave many viewers pause. Police went looking for the person responsible for posting such an inhumane act. The public weighed in with a different sentiment than the one expressed in the July 2016 Minnesota death of Philando Castile.  He lay dying in the arms of his fiancé Diamond Reynolds who recorded his last moments. The footage disappeared from Facebook feed. A public outcry and it was back up a few hours later.

Facebook Live can be used to inform the public quickly and efficiently, and in an era where human and social rights are questioned, social media platforms are needed. As consumers, it helps if technology is used responsibly and honored. People can be petty and the right stream, at the wrong time can have heavy repercussions.

The Facebook Video Boot Camp took place on Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 at the NAB Show. The Facebook Boot Camp featured presentations from Facebook staff, as well as creators who have found success on the platform. The Boot Camp aimed to offer practical tips, insightful data and best practices to help publishers make the most out of the new and exciting global broadcast platform with regards to production and distribution.

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