Chinatown Restaurant Chubby Cattle Upgrades, Raises Own Sheep Breed, Expands Nationwide

Chubby Cattle.

Chubby Cattle.

Las Vegas Chinatown’s Chubby Cattle Raise Their Own Dorper Lamb

Popular Vegas Chinatown restaurant Chubby Cattle relaunches as Chubby Cattle 2.0 and introduces a breed of lamb from their own farm.

Chubby Cattle upgrades include open view display kitchens and hand-cutting bar; where certified A5 Miyazaki Wagyu from Japan and our own breed of Dorper lamb are hand sliced per order. The sheep are raised organically on their own open pasture. This provides their restaurants with the best 100% grass fed lamb.

In their display kitchen, guests also can view handmade dumpling and noodle making. Everything is made from scratch. Chubby Cattle 2.0 has also added vegan options, specialty cocktails, upgraded wine and beer list, improved service quality, retrofitted existing bars, improved AC systems and added 12 new exhausts for improved ventilation.

About the Lamb

To provide the most authentic hotpot experience in the USA, Chubby Cattle owner Hai Bin Yang went back to his native Inner Mongolia in China and had DNA tests done to match the sheep that are native to Inner Mongolia. Sourcing the best lamb for Chubby Cattle has been one of his biggest concerns since the planning stages. After several tests, the South African Dorper Sheep was found to be the closest, perfect match.

Black head Dorper lamb have been specifically bred to produce superior quality meat, not wool. This depletes the lanolin in the fat which gives the meat a milder, less gamy flavor.

“It is perfect for hot pot, perfect in both flavor and texture”. Chubby Cattle Owner Hai Bin Yang adds, proudly.“All the lamb served at our restaurants are now raised on our own organic farm in Texas”.

Chubby Cattle sheep are pasture raised to their specifications and graze in their own open fields. They are raised in a low-stress, natural environment with unlimited amounts of natural sunshine, fresh air, clean water and exercise. They are 100% grass fed and finished and have no additional grain in their diet. The farm doesn’t use any antibiotics, growth hormones, herbicides, pesticides, synthetic fertilizer or other chemicals and no cages or feedlots!

The sheep are packed on ice whole and and shipped overnight to any of the Chubby Cattle restaurants. The entire process from when they order to slaughter to arrival at the restaurant is under 72 hours. The entire procedure USDA Certified. This allows the Chubby Cattle chefs to butcher the best parts of the lamb per order.

All of the beef is now Certified A5 Miyazaki Wagyu beef from Japan. They are very proud to offer A5 Wagyu as their only beef. Miyazakigyu (Miyazaki beef) represents only the top grade (A4 and A5) wagyu from the Miyazaki region of Japan.

Noodles and Dumplings

All of their noodles and dumplings are made continuously in their new dining room display kitchen. Their chefs are trained in China and they make the noodles from scratch and they are available in three different widths. They handcraft traditional wheat noodles as well as organic purple yam noodles, high- mountain green tea noodles, carrot noodles, tomato noodles and various types of dumplings. Juice meatballs, beef buns, bao and more from open display kitchen in plain view for guests to see.

COMING SOON: Denver, Philadelphia, Dallas, Seattle and more


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