Geko Smart Whistle Review: Stay Safe Anytime of the Year

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YBLTV Review: Geko Smart Whistle

The Geko Smart Whistle could just be a life-saver and can provide peace of mind in an uncertain world.

  • Seniors: I have a 95-year old neighbor who might need medical help at some point. He already has a Life-Alert button device that costs $30 per month, plus a land-line telephone $28/ mo. and pre-paid long-distance calling minutes. For him, the Geko would be a money saving alternative, even after getting a Smartphone. His estimated savings is roughly $28.00 per month. On a fixed income, that helps. If his family lives nearby, this could be a good solution. The main concern is who gets the distress message, are they immediately available to help and do they know who to contact and what information is needed?
  • Juniors: There any number of situations were a young person could find themselves in a threatening situation. And it might be unwise or provocative to pull out a cell phone. Maybe some teens are at a mall to see a movie, or having a sleep-over at friends, or babysitting and need help from mom or dad.
  • Adults: Basically, anyone out alone who feels at risk, or who may find themselves in a bad situation could certainly push the Smart Whistle to call for help. It could be a single woman, or a mom at home alone with little ones who senses a threat. The Geko is a quick way to get a response.
  • Like many technology solutions, the Smart Whistle has its pros and cons. First, the Geko has limited range, meaning you must be within range of your Smartphone - about 15 - 20 feet. This range could fall short in some homes.
  • The whistle isn’t loud enough to scare anyone away, or summon help, but that’s not its purpose. There’s no guarantee that a distress call will be received if the recipient’s phone is off, or that the recipient will know how best to respond to an imprecise call for help. In any case, it’s better than having no way at all to call for help.
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YBLTV Product Review by James Mattil: Stay Safe This Spring With Geko Smart Whistle

YBLTV Product Review by James Mattil: Stay Safe This Spring With Geko Smart Whistle

YBLTV Review: Geko Smart Whistle

The Geko Smart Whistle Could Just Be a Life-Saver

The Geko Smart Whistle enhances your safety and security by providing a quick, easy and silent way to send a distress call to selected contacts. It’s not a perfect solution, but in a time of need it could prove invaluable.

The Geko Smart Whistle retails for $49.00, for which you receive the whistle and and the WISO Smartphone App (IOS and Android 4.4 and newer, not Windows). You must have a Smartphone to use the Geko Whistle.

Here’s how it works: In an emergency, a person can blow the whistle, or push a button, activating the unit. Yes, the whistle makes a whistle noise, but it’s not very loud. The button is silent and therefore does not attract attention – a silent alarm if you will.

This activates the Smartphone, which automatically sends a pre-determined text message to pre-selected recipients, who must also have a Smartphone to receive the message. The text message might say something like: “This is Ronnie and I need immediate assistance.” The recipient(s) must be available to respond, or call other assistance, such as police or emergency medical services.

The Smart Whistle will also send your phones’ GPS location and will continue to repeat your message and update your location every 3 minutes, so you can be found. You can also use the WISO app to cancel the alert if you are able.

It’s unlikely that a person would know the kind of assistance needed in advance, or would be able to type, or record a real-time SMS (Short Message System). If that were possible, you wouldn’t really need the Smart Whistle – you could just use the phone. So, the distress call alerts the recipient that the sender cannot make a regular call for some reason.

“The Geko Smart Whistle could just be a life-saver and can provide peace of mind in an uncertain world,” – James F. Mattil, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer / Photographer

The WISO App includes a limited number of free SMS messages, but you can purchase additional message units at relatively low prices, The app has been tested on Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge, A8, A9, HTC One, Butterfly S, LG Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Sony Xperia E3, Nexus 6P, Asus Zenfone 2. The following devices are not recommended: Samsung Notes 3, Motorola Moto E, HTC Butterfly. The WISO app is free and easy to download. You must then sync the Smart Whistle Bluetooth connection to the Smartphone, following the directions.

In testing, the Smart Whistle worked as advertised– sent the distress call quickly and repeated the call until it was turned off. In a nutshell, that’s the review. But who can benefit from the Geko, or in what circumstances?

Final Thoughts

The Geko Smart Whistle is not a perfect, universal solution, but it may be a good solution for particular users, depending on their circumstances. And it could just be a life-saver and can provide peace of mind in an uncertain world.


The Geko Smart Whistle received a CES Innovation Award earlier this year at the 2017 CES Show in Las Vegas, NV. For more information, please visit My Geko Gear.


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Photographer, Writer / Reviewer, James Mattil received a Geko Smart Whistle for free from My Geko Gear in consideration for a Product Review.