The Gamevice Controller Delivers Exactly What Mobile Gamers Need

The Gamevice Controller Delivers Exactly What Mobile Gamers Need

Gamevice Controller for iPhone 6/7 and 6/7 Plus

YBLTV Product Review by Aaron Dunn: Gamevice.
YBLTV Product Review by Aaron Dunn: Gamevice.

YBLTV Giveaway: Gamevice Controller for iPhone 6/7 and 6/7 Plus

Have you ever tried to play a game on your smartphone only to quickly realize how frustrating the controls were? Perhaps it was even a game you had played on a console years ago, one that you were excited to revisit on a mobile device?

The novelty of being able to play a whole library of video games wherever we go has always been a major appealing factor of smartphones, but because of their touchscreen nature, the experience has never truly felt the same as it has with a controller in your hand. And thankfully, that’s where the Gamevice Controller for iPhone comes in.

Ever since I saw the Gamevice at CES 2017, I’ve looked at mobile gaming differently. Now, that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game I uninstalled to save space because I couldn’t stand the controls is back front and center on my home screen.

I found myself sucked into Minecraft for iOS for hours, only finishing my gaming session when my phone had run out of battery. After that day, I couldn’t wait for my next long cross-country flight to pass the time with the Gamevice controller in my hands.

The familiarity the controller offers to longtime console gamers is immediately evident. The controller itself is reminiscent of all the best that gaming controllers have to offer:

  • Two joysticks
  • D-Pad
  • Four face buttons
  • Four shoulder buttons

This means that, finally, the specs of the computing powerhouse in your pocket matter as you can feel confident in your ability to fully experience any game you choose.

The Gamevice currently supports the newest Apple product lines, including:

  • iPhone 6
  • ‘iPhone 6s
  • ‘iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Pro

And in the near future, the Gamevice will most likely head to support flagship Android devices as well, giving mobile gamers of all stripes the experiences they’ve long craved.

The biggest downsides of the controller are not necessary its own fault: its overall appearance and feel in the hands.

Traditional console controllers rarely have to incorporate a bulky screen in the center (unless we’re talking about Nintendo’s bizarre designs), so the Gamevice always has a sort of stretched-out look to it. Because of this, holding it for long periods does feel a little strange at first, but I quickly got used to the design.

There are apparently some compatibility issues with certain games, but virtually every game I tested out from the app store worked far better than they did without the Gamevice controller. And when I wasn’t quite sure, I could always check to make sure the game I wanted to play was featured in Gamevice’s curated list of compatible games, the free Gamevice Live app.

So, if you feel like reliving your childhood and playing Final Fantasy VII on your iOS device – or if you simply want a more intuitive way to play one of the thousands of time-wasting mobile games out there – pick up a Gamevice ASAP.


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer, Aaron Dunn received the Gamevice Controller for free from Gamevice in consideration for a Product Review.

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