Turn Your Smartphone Into a Smart Switch with ETEKCITY Voltson Smart Wi-Fi Outlet.

Turning Your Smartphone Into a Smart Switch

With ETEKCITY’s Voltson Smart Wi-Fi Outlet, I Use Its App on My Smartphone to Turn Off My Lamp

I have always hated having to turn off my bedside lamp late at night. My lamps were made in Japan and use the turn knob rather than the usual American pull string on/off method. ETEKCITY has taken my problem and allows me to use my cellphone to turn off my lamp by wirelessly turning off the plug. Upon receiving a test unit, I used the device for around three weeks. I love this little device. Instead of having to reach over to turn the knob on my lamp, I just use the app in my phone. The ETEKCITY Voltson Mini Smart Wi-Fi Outlet Switch Plug connects to the app in your phone by way of your Wi-Fi connection.

The difference between this device and the ones sold in the past that work on an audio cue, such as those activated by clapping one’s hands– is that unlike previous devices this one will not be fooled by similar auditory sounds. Instead this device is told to turn on or off by a signal sent through a wireless Internet connection from the device app. Multiple switches can be paired to the app to allow one user to work multiple devices on a single app. I love the features within the app, such as scheduling when the switch is on and when the switch automatically turns off. Another awesome feature is the switch’s ability to track how much electricity is used and sends this information to the app.

Having the ability to verbally ask Alexa to turn off the switch on my Amazon Echo would have been a great-added feature that is sadly not present. Rather than using the app all the time, one could just tell Alexa to turn off the switch.

“Turn your smartphone into a smart switch with ETEKCITY Voltson Smart Wi-Fi Outlet,” – Jack X, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer

Other than the lack of an Alexa pairing feature, this device still amazed me with its ease of use and functionality. I cannot wait to see what other amazing gadgets that ETEKCITY releases in the future.

To order the ETEKCITY Voltson Mini Smart Wi-Fi Outlet Switch Plug please visit https://www.etekcity.com/product/100276.


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer, Jack X received a Voltson Mini Smart Wi-Fi Outlet Switch Plug for free from ETEKCITY in consideration for a Product Review.

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