Super Glue Review: Fix it. Mend it. Join it. Bond it.

9.5 Total Score
YBLTV Review: Super Glue

Super Glue bonds in seconds, has an assortment of sizes and a great cap system for keeping glue ready for your next project.

  • Assortment of sizes
  • Great bonding
  • Cap system for keeping glue ready for your next project
  • 3 point type on the label—very difficult to read
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YBLTV DIY Pipeline Review: Super Glue Corporation.

YBLTV DIY Pipeline Review: Super Glue Corporation.

Stick ‘Em Up… Together With Super Glue

YBLTV Product Review: Super Glue Corporation

What’s in your kitchen drawers and tool boxes? Krazy. Monster. Instant. Elmers. They go on, forever. And how many of them actually accomplish what they promise? Do they bond quickly? Or do you hold 2 pieces of a gluing project together for minutes, to discover that bonding did occur… but just with your fingers! Been there, done that!

Then there is the actual opening of the container. I have used push pins, needles, small thin nails, an assortment of small sharp “instruments” including cuticle nippers to open the top of a glue container. Most often a glob of glue erupts and whammo, there’s more glue than you need, more clean up than you expected.

And of course there’s the waste. Most times I could buy 1/10 the container size for all the glue I need. What’s more, waste would be minimal if the glue container could be closed properly after use. Unfortunately, the glue drips and clogs, so it’s either impossible to reopen, or the glue seems to lose its “gluiness” if you are able to free the tip. I compare it to a reopened soft drink bottle—the soda gets flat, minus the bubbles that made it sparkle.

Not anymore as far as I’m concerned. I’ve discovered a glue that really works – and holds.

“Super Glue bonds in seconds, has an assortment of sizes and a great cap system for keeping glue ready for your next project,” – DIY Pipeline, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer

Dropped my sun glasses at a property showing. Great frames. Expensive. But the side holding the left lens? Split. In 2 places. I cried, picked up the pieces and drove 30 miles in bright sunlight wearing clear distance glasses. I knew I wouldn’t be able to immediately replace my frames.

Decided to use Super Glue. Never used it before so I thought I’d give it a try. Wow! Bonding time? A matter of seconds. Hold? It’s been 4 weeks. What’s more I was missing minute pieces of the frame! You have to look closely to see the glued split.

I was impressed…but not as much as I was when I reopened the container to use the glue on a project for my niece. You know those plastic caps on water bottles, well, she insisted we save and glue 2 caps together for one of her art projects. When I unscrewed the cap on the Super Glue container, the glue flowed. No globs of hard glue. No clogged opening. Then I started gluing the water caps together. No problems! My niece was thrilled. My fingers were happy. Since then I’ve used glue from the same container to repair the case on my iPad, the spine of a book and straw on a basket– days and weeks apart.

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Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer, DIY Pipeline received Super Glue from Super Glue Corporation in consideration for a Product Review.