SmartBeings Announces PricePoint for WooHoo

SmartBeings Announces PricePoint for WooHoo.

SmartBeings Announces PricePoint for WooHoo.I

SmartBeings, the First Truly AI Interactive Smart Home Solution with Voice Control and Facial Recognition, To Sell for Early Starter Price of $49

San Francisco, California. December 21, 2016 – SmartBeings, Inc., a Silicon Valley based IoT-startup, which will unveil the world’s first AI-embedded, interactive smart home hub with facial recognition and voice control at CES in Las Vegas, has officially announced a price point for their “Smart Home” device, WooHoo. Through their Kickstarter campaign, you can pre-order WooHoo as it enters the rapidly growing Smart Home market with a plethora of features for the same cost as Amazon’s “Dot” device, $49. This special price includes your first year’s subscription fee.Following the end of the Kickstarter campaign on January 30, 2017, WooHoo’s retail price will be $89, plus a monthly subscription fee of $9.

While its competition has similar features such as voice recognition and control, what sets WooHoo apart are its:
  • Integrated 360-degree HD Camera with Facial Recognition
  • Patent Pending 360-degree Spatial Sound System
  • 7-Inch Touchscreen
  • Built in WiFi BLE, Zigbee, Zwave and 4G LTE
  • Integrated and Intuitive WooHoo Smart Platform
  • Additionally, its natural language processing capabilities enable the device to understand the user, as if speaking with another individual.
The device’s HD camera with facial recognition allows multiple users to be registered by the device for customizable personal profiles on WooHoo’s Smart Platform. At the same time, this device can act as a means of security, by sending you a notification that a user is unidentifiable, or, in an office, when somebody approaches the front desk, it can recognize them for a more personal greeting.
“A 360-degree HD camera with facial recognition, patent pending spatial recognition voice activated and controllable speakers, a full 7-inch touchscreen; come on… for $49, this thing has all the bells and whistles… …you can’t beat that, ” says Joseph Santos, SmartBeings’ Chief Digital and Marketing Officer. “Smart products on the market today range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, and those products are often not user friendly. With WooHoo, The Future of Smartness, smart living is now affordable for everyone.”

About SmartBeings®

SmartBeings® is focused on the exploding market opportunity of Internet of Things (IoT), growing across sectors at an average of 20% a year reaching 1.7 Trillion in 2020. We are combining device intelligence, cloud connectivity and feature-rich applications to solve real-world problems for intelligent security, facility awareness and virtual collaboration.We are headquartered in Silicon Valley, California.


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