Novel Glucometer Heralds ‘Promethean Fire’ for Diabetics

Insulink: Novel Glucometer Heralds ‘Promethean Fire’ for Diabetics
Insulink: Novel Glucometer Heralds ‘Promethean Fire’ for Diabetics

A much-anticipated diabetes-management gadget has come to the spotlight with its creator,  after a successful wrap-up of crowdfunding

Indiegogo, a leading crowdfunding site, just brought a finishing touch for the debut of Insulink, the world’s first insulin dosage tracker, with a crowdfund of over 10,210 US  dollars since Sept.14, according to the Dnurse Technology.

This new smartphone-compatible gadget, with a mix of creative medtech and human  touch, can help diabetics to track and manage their diabetes. And its creator, Beijing  Dnurse Technology Ltd., a diabetes-minded mobile Internet front-runner, has  successfully spearheaded the efforts to advance its previous products.

In 2014, its glucometer and app had gained CFDA approval in China. And earlier this  year, these products further gained CE (European Conformity) approval, marking the  first CE approved smart glucometer in China.

Dnurse Insulink came as increasing diabetics’ demands surged. It is estimated that  China now has more than 100 million diabetics.

Although the first step to provide services about blood sugar recording and health  instructions was not taken by Dnurse, it did more and better compared with its  counterparts or predecessors around the world.

Instead of unilaterally recording or analyzing blood sugar, Dnurse went further and  made a seismic leap-forward——to correlate blood sugar levels with insulin dosage.

Put it simply, Dnurse is the only diabetes-tracking creator who boasts a  state-of-the-art Internet product incorporating blood sugar levels, insulin figure,  medicine, diet, workout data, and personal tips into a whole.

Apart from its full-packed product, Dnurse also prided itself in two characteristics.

Chief among its characteristics is the use of noise reduction, audio processing, and  speech recognition technology first star in the Dnurse Insulink. Specifically, insulin  dosages will be collected by the highly sensitive microphone when the insulin pen’s  dosage knob / dial is turned.

Next, Dnurse App and cloud service also star in this product, as it stores health data in  cloud automatically, with which related figures can be cleared showed. Sharing this  information and asking online service are also made available.

Then, Dnurse also is not only a creator of vision but also of human touch.

Against all the odds including China’s relatively scant Medicare resources, Dnurse  did not settle for existing limited Medicare resources. Contrastingly, it strived for a  low-cost and high-efficiency increase.

As one of its publicity slogan “any blood sugar tracker without doctor is not Dnurse’s  product” has showed, Dnurse proved that, an eye on patient’s need helps you earn  more.

Still, Dnurse is going to flex its muscle in the CES of Las Vegas in January 2017. In  this global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow, all the  products, including Dnurse app and Insulink, will be showed in all aspects.

About Insulink

Insulink, invented by Dnurse, is the first wearable tracker in the world to record insulin dosages automatically to help diabetics efficiently manage their own blood glucose levels. Being the world’s first wearable tracker to link blood sugar levels and insulin dosages, Insulink helps every diabetic reasonably monitor their own blood sugar levels with Dnurse App’s IDSS (Intelligent Decision Supporting System). With advanced smartphone blood glucose meters, smartphone Apps, cloud databases, and novel “Equipment + Application + Service” business model, it helps diabetics maintain a simple and convenient self-management system: blood glucose monitoring, cloud storage, social media sharing, remote access, reminders / timers, and recommendations for daily diet, exercise, medication, and exchange of diabetes related experiences through the App’s social network. For more information, please check out

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