Sony a6300 Review: Is This Real Life?

YBLTV Andrew Daro Review: Sony a6300: Is This Real Life?

YBLTV Andrew Daro Review: Sony a6300: Is This Real Life?

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Sony a6300

Perfect companion for travel photographers.

  • Fantastic image quality
  • Fantastic video quality
  • Great ISO performance
  • Very compact size
  • Excellent wireless capabilities
  • Will totally blow you away!
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YBLTV Review: Sony a6300

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve always had a Canon bias. It’s the DSLR that I started with, it’s what I had when my love for photography bloomed, and I thought it was what I would always shoot… oh how the winds have changed.

There was a brief period where I sold all my equipment in order to focus on a career change. However, that did not pan out quite the way I planned, so I rekindled my photog love once more. I tend to spend hours upon hours reading and watching every review I can before making a purchase, and shopping for this next camera was no exception. While clicking through article after article, I noticed a bit of a trend bubbling to the surface: Sony was beginning to make quite a fuss in the pro photographer world. Like every other seasoned photographer, I scoffed at the notion of Sony making cameras that could rival the great Canons or Nikons of the world—and with mirrorless cameras at that! Only when I started seeing reviews wrought with praise by some of the most respected reviewers in the business did I start to really take notice.

The hype started with the full frame A7 series of mirrorless cameras by Sony, but that is a review for another day. A camera that spawned from the success of the A7 line, and the camera I ultimately decided to purchase, is the Sony a6300. I made a snap decision to buy it two hours before my flight to Alaska earlier this year. I had not really saved the money for it yet, so I was not fully committed to the purchase so soon. However, with all of the time I spent researching it, I was pretty comfortable with my decision. Because of the time crunch, I just went with the 16-50mm OSS kit lens that came in the box with it. I was not expecting much from the kit lens, but I wanted something better than a phone to capture some shots of my first trip to Alaska.

Now, let me tell you—this thing totally blew me away.

If you are a spec and feature person, I’ll throw some your way now:

  • 425 point Hybrid AF system
  • 11 fps burst rate
  • 100% coverage electronic viewfinder w/ 120 fps refresh rate
  • 24.2 MP APS-C sensor with copper wiring (ISO sensitivity boost)
  • Internal 4k video recording
  • 4k video down sampled from 6k recording
  • S-Log3 color profile for video with 14-stops of Dynamic Range
  • Continuous AF for video
  • Focus magnifier and focus peaking for manual legacy lenses
  • Face and EYE detection
  • WiFi and NFC

I could go on and on, but as they say “The proof in is the puddin’.” In my experience with the 6300 on my Alaska and San Francisco trips, it has fantastic image quality (even with the kit lens!), beyond fantastic video quality, and great ISO performance (on par with full frames of only a couple years ago). Additionally, with the very compact size and wireless capabilities in which to quickly send over your pics to your phone to share—it’s the perfect companion for travel photographers. Overall, it is a highly recommended pick up for the budget-conscious professional photographer and videographer.

Oh yeah, above and below is that puddin’ I was talking about!

Alaska Puddin' by YBLTV Writer / Reviewer, Andrew Daro.

Alaska Puddin’ by YBLTV Writer / Reviewer, Andrew Daro.