Watch Your Favorite Football Team on the Vizio D-Series 32” Smart TV

9.5 Total Score
YBLTV Review: Vizio D-Series 32” Smart TV

  • Dynamic viewing and gaming experience with 1080p full HD
  • At around $250, product exceeds expectations
  • Lightweight design offers easy transport and stability
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile streaming
  • Simple to use
  • Excellent technical support
  • Limited range of the Wi-Fi connectivity can result in poor streaming experience
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Watch Your Favorite Football Team on the Vizio D-Series 32” Smart TV

Watch Your Favorite Football Team on the Vizio D-Series 32” Smart TV

Football season demands a television that can deliver breathtaking moments with clarity and high resolution. The Vizio D-Series 32” Smart TV delivers on these demands and many more.


Implementing 1080p full HD and a refresh rate of 120 Hz, this television creates for a dynamic viewing and gaming experience. The full-array LED backlight creates light uniformity, which translates to a picture that isn’t too bright or too dark. While this television is eye-catching, it has to compete with others offering UHD and 4k resolution, so don’t expect anything groundbreaking. However, for the price of I purchased it for – which was around $250 – Vizio exceeds expectations.

Moving the television from room to room is easy, as the lightweight design and sturdy footholds allow for easy transport and stability. While the television is stable, many buyers opt to couple this television with a wall-mount. The 32” design proves to be slightly awkward, as it isn’t quite big enough for the living room, but it may be too big for a smaller room, like the bedroom.

Apps Galore

With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile streaming, this smart TV allows the viewer to access a wide array of apps from any room in the house, including Netflix, Flickr, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu, Xumo, plus many more available for download in the app-store.

A spotty issue affecting the Vizio Smart TV is the range of the Wi-Fi connectivity. Unless the TV is relatively close to the router, the Vizio has trouble picking up the signal, which results in a poor streaming experience. It doesn’t create any unbearable scenarios, but at $250 the buyer should never compromise performance.

The Vizio D-Series 32” Smart TV offers a dynamic viewing experience that will satisfy any football fan this season. While the Wi-Fi is occasionally unreliable, the TV is exceedingly simple to use. However, if the buyer has any difficulties they can call the award-winning technical support that Vizio proudly boasts.