Keeping Pace With Growing Technology

YBLTV. Where Business Makes News. A YBL, LLC. Company.

YBLTV. Where Business Makes News. A YBL, LLC. Company.

Everything grows, including technology. When I was younger you had to use a pay phone to make a call. Now I can make a call anywhere that good cell signal exists. I also had to carry around a pack full of CD’s and a player to listen to music. Once I started using an MP3 player, it made things simpler since I could carry more music than even my own CD collection on the go could. MP3 players were great, but I missed many phone calls because I was listening to music on one device and missed incoming calls on a separate device. Cell phone manufacturers then had the idea of adding MP3 players into cell phones. I can now listen to music without the worry of missing a call due to “tuning out.”

Now drone companies are using ‘smartphone’ technology to improve technology while bringing down costs. Drone companies are now using smart phones as controllers to replace expensive controllers that would normally drive up the cost on smaller hobby and toy drones. With the improvement in wireless cell technology, a drone pilot can now use an app within a smartphone to pilot the drone rather than carrying an expensive, heavy wireless controller.

With the advent of virtual reality technology, companies are beginning to integrate this technology to mobile devices as well. Cell phone companies are beginning to release virtual reality headsets as accessories to connect with their own cellphones. Now with cameras being added to drones for filmmakers in Hollywood and at home, the quality of the cameras allow virtual reality to be added as a tool for drones. Pilots can see the flight path of their own drone without having to look down at a small cell phone screen.

With improvements in technology, it is not how far we can take the technology that matters, but rather what we can do with the advancements to improve the technology we have now.

Next week if you are in Las Vegas, be sure to attend both InterDrone – The International Drone Conference and Exposition as well as CTIA SuperMobility Week 2016.