Solar Powered Hot Dog Cooker Revolutionizes the Sausage

Solar Powered Hot Dog Cooker Revolutionizes the Sausage.

Solar Powered Hot Dog Cooker Revolutionizes the Sausage.

Solar Powered Hot Dog Cooker Revolutionizes the Sausage June 29th, 2016, Cincinnati, OH, USA

After successfully crowdfunding a solar stove that cooks a meal in 20 minutes and raising $563k for solar grill that can cook with the sun at night, GoSun Stove has gone to the drawing board for its latest release, which aims to make the GoSun technology more accessible than ever.

The GoSun Dogger (MSRP $79), a mighty little hot dog and sausage cooker, aims to bring solar cooking to backyards and classrooms around the world. Using the same technology as the larger GoSun Sport and Grill, the Dogger is even more powerful, cooking two sausages in 10 minutes using only sunlight and can even cook in the clouds. With the optional experiential education kit, users young and old, can learn the science, technology, engineering and mathematic principles behind the technology while sharing some hot food.

Users simply load their favorite cylindrical foods into the stove’s stainless steel cooking tray and slide it into the solar vacuum tube. Due to the vacuum tube’s near perfect insulation, the Dogger hits temperatures above 550°F/280°C while remaining cool to the touch and thus kid friendly. More than a toy, the Dogger collapses into a durable, self contained 2 pound package fit to provide hot meals on the go.

“We’re aiming to change the way the world cooks,” explains GoSun’s CEO and Founder, Patrick Sherwin. “We’ve been challenging ourselves to make our technology more accessible to the  mainstream, and with the Dogger, we’ve created a stove with the potential to reach countless classrooms and backyards around the world.

”The IndieGoGo campaign offers two main reward levels, the base Solar Dogger ($59), and an educational Dogger Plus ($79), which includes a number of experimental learning accessories including a GoSun Dial and Ray Tracing Laser set. Aiming to raise $55,000, Sherwin and his small team are optimistic about the product’s potential.

“There’s a lot of attention on solar right now. We hope that this product can act as a gateway for people of all ages and backgrounds to experience the power of the sun first hand. After all, the one of the best avenues to the heart is through the stomach.”

To learn more about GoSun Stove, visit or visit the Indiegogo Campaign here.


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