Beanstalk Expands TGI Fridays Licensing Program into Frozen Foods and Shelf-Stable Sauces

JUNE 2016 – For well over a decade, TGI Fridays, America’s most iconic bar and grill, has successfully leveraged its positioning and strong brand awareness among casual dining restaurants into a wide array of licensed food and beverage products sold in the grocery, mass market, convenience, drug and club channels. New in 2016 is the debut of Fridays frozen desserts by Captivated Foods, shelf-stable BBQ sauces and marinades by Vita Foods. Additional licensees include Kraft Heinz for frozen snacks, Inventure Foods for salty snacks, and Mark Anthony Group for alcoholic beverages. Beanstalk will continue to focus on strategic brand extensions into complementary food and beverage categories with current and new licensing partners, as well as barware, glassware and small appliances domestically and internationally. There’s never been a better time to partner with Fridays for licensing!

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