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Deadpool: The Merc With The Mouth Wins Big

Anyone who has seen “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, knows the horrible treatment that Deadpool/Wade Wilson received at the end of the film.  His mouth was basically stitched shut to keep Deadpool from taking over the film. It was Wolverine’s film after all, but someone still needed to do justice to Deadpool as a character.

Deadpool as a film basically cuts the stitches out of the characters mouth and lets him loose. The humor that made the character a fan favorite is brought back thanks to Ryan Reynolds. After “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, Reynolds immediately pushed for a Deadpool film that would remain true to the character. This is one of the first rated R super hero movies made, since normally super hero movies are made to a PG-13 rating standard. Those involved in the film felt that the only way to stay true to Deadpool as a character is by keeping the film to a rated R standard. Having the film in a PG-13 rating would have restrained the film from being a true Deadpool film. So parents keep in mind that this film may not be suitable for your children.

For fans of Deadpools 4th wall breaks, don’t worry there are plenty of moments where the audience is involved to keep you happy. Those moments are actually my favorite in the film and highlights how the film team understands the character. Another plus I found when watching the special features that are included with the Blu Ray version of the film is that Tom Holkenborg did the composing for the film. Fans of electronic music will know him better as Junkie XL. The tone musically comes from music set in the 80’s and early 90’s to coincide with a lot of the pop culture references made in the film.

Deadpool scored high with me due to the proper respect given to Deadpool as a character. I am happy that the studio stuck to a Rated R release as this allows the type of humor that Deadpool has in comics to be featured in the film. I hope more super hero based films are released in a Rated R format. The only problem I had with the film and Blu Ray special features were all the Chimichanga references. Every time I watch this film I get hungry for Chimichanga’s. See Deadpool, You now owe me a lifetime supply of Chimichangas.

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