Adobe Flies With Adobe Creative Cloud

YBLTV Writer / Reviewer Jack X on Why Adobe Flies With Adobe Cloud.

YBLTV Writer / Reviewer Jack X on Why Adobe Flies With Adobe Cloud.

Adobe is known for an amazing software collection that gives professionals and home  users alike the power to create some amazing work. The one downside to technology these days  is having to keep up with all the updates and changes to software. Adobe has taken this factor out  of its software by making a bundle called Adobe CC or better known as Adobe Creative Cloud. Instead of  paying for each updated version of software, a user pays each month for Adobe software with  updates included. For around one hundred dollars (twenty dollars for students) each month, an  Adobe Cloud user gets access to Adobe’s entire software library. Any updates or new versions of  the software released is automatically made available to the cloud user at no extra charge.

I use the Adobe Cloud at home myself as a student user. I find having access to an entire  software library that normally would not be within my budget range helpful. The cloud includes some amazing features, such as integration with matching apps. An example is the Adobe Capture CC app that has replaced the Color and Hue apps. Using the app, I can take a picture of a room. After importing the picture, I can use the imported picture settings in one of the many Adobe CC software programs to match the color hue within my picture.

This can prove useful for cinematographers who want a certain look without having to search endlessly through the color settings within a program such as Premiere. All of this is  saved in a feature called The Adobe Cloud, a magical wireless storage space that each user of Adobe CC receives upon usage. The cloud is also available through access on your smart phone, once again through an app, to allow you access on the go.

Adobe also includes technical support as a part of your monthly fee. I have called tech support for other products from other companies to find the support to be more then a little lacking. Upon calling Adobe support though, I found them to be more than willing to make sure I received the needed help. I found it to be refreshing that a company stands by their own amazing products with equally amazing technical support.

In conclusion, I find that Adobe CC is easy to use and cost effective. Professional rate at one hundred dollars a month may seem prohibitive to some, but the tools available are well worth the price. The fact that the entire Adobe software catalog is made available for this price verses having to pay thousands of dollars for the same tools makes the price a value. I know that Adobe’s products will remain a valuable asset throughout my professional career.