Tazo Organic Earl Grey Noir Review

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YBLTV Review: Tazo Organic Earl Grey Noir

One of the best earl greys I’ve tried!

  • Strong flavors of black tea and bergamot
  • Immediately experience the iconic floral and citrus flavor of Earl Grey
  • Black Tea has a slight bitterness which helps balance out the intensity of bergamot flavor
  • Product contains a helpful interactive Tea Tasting Guide
  • Certified Organic
  • Non-GMO Verified
  • Black Tea may be bitter for some, however milk and / or honey can help mellow the bitter flavor if added
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Some of the simplest things in life are the best things. For me, one of those is tea, more specifically earl grey tea. I used to beg my mom to make me earl grey with loads of honey and milk when I was no more than 5 years old!

Tazo Organic Earl Grey Noir is one of my favorites teas to brew. Earl grey is a black tea that has a very distinct taste from its main ingredient, bergamot. Bergamot sounds fancy, but it’s just the fragrance/oil from the bergamot orange that is infused into the black tea. Black tea and bergamot tend to be very strong flavors, so sipping on Tazo Earl Grey Noir really packs a punch.

When you take a sip of your brewed tea, you immediately get the iconic floral and citrus flavor all earl grey has. Then you’re taken aback by the stronger than average intensity of the bergamot aroma. At first, you’re not quite sure you like how strong it is, but after going back for more sips the flavor mellows and it becomes a very pleasant cup of earl grey. I also find that the black tea used in Tazo’s Earl Grey Noir has a slight bitterness, which also helps to balance out the intensity of the bergamot flavor.

Even though I find this is one of the best earl greys I’ve tried, I sometimes want an earl grey that is less bold and mellower. In these cases, I will steep the tea for a minute or two less then Tazo’s recommended 5-minute steep time, which will lessen the intensity of the tea. I will also add milk and honey to further mellow the flavor and take the bite away from the bitter black tea. By steeping the tea less, you are not letting the full flavor of the tea develop in your mug, so the flavor will be slightly compromised. However, for me, it doesn’t lessen the flavor to the point that the tea is unsatisfactory. I still fully enjoy my cup!

I also love this tea because it is Certified Organic and Non-GMO Verified so you know you are getting a healthy and great quality tea. Tazo also makes many other really unique and yummy tea flavors, all of which are organic and non-GMO as well! You can see all of their other amazing flavors here.

They also have a really cool and helpful interactive Tea Tasting Guide I highly recommend checking out!