Niels Pearson, Momenti Spirited Ice Cream's Sales and Compliance chats with YBLTV Anchor, Erika Blackwell at NCB Show 2016.

We’re All Screaming For Momenti Spirited Ice Creams

Alcohol-Infused Momenti Ice Cream Makes A Splash At NCB 2016

At the 2016 Nightclub & Bar Show, we tasted super-premium alcohol-infused ice creams and sorbets, Momenti Spirited Ice Creams. Their flavors included:

  • White Russian Ice Cream
  • Vanilla Vodka Cookies & Cream Ice Cream
  • Chocotini Chip Ice Cream
  • Blackberry Cabernet Sorbet
  • Limoncello Sorbet

Momenti’s specialty manufacturing plant is in Las Vegas, NV with their wholesale distribution center in Fullerton, CA. I think I might just have to go take a trip on down to their plant and check it out one of these lovely, upcoming HOT days in Sin City… What’s sin city without a little alcohol-infused ice cream? Getting behind the scene in anything is to a great degree, what makes me tick. I like to know the who, what, where, when and why.

This terrific family-owned business is a gem. On board are: Niels Pearson, Momenti’s Sales and Compliance, Nikki Pearson (Social Media and Events), Gloria Pearson (Financial and Business Development) and of course, Leif Pearson, COO whose background is in technology. Go figure(!) Technology meets ice cream meets entrepreneurism meets flavor meets success. What could be better? Except perhaps more flavors… most likely coming very soon. Until then, cheers to Momenti Spirited Ice Creams!

We're All Screaming For Momenti Spirited Ice Creams
We’re All Screaming For Momenti Spirited Ice Creams

About Momenti Spirited Ice Creams

Momenti Spirited Ice Creams is a family owned and operated business specializing in the science and production of super-premium alcohol-infused ice creams and sorbets. Momenti has collaborated with high-profile ice cream industry consultants to develop their patent-pending process, and build its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Leading the way as the first super-premium alcohol infused ice creams and sorbets, Momenti Spirited Ice Creams and Sorbets are made with only quality ingredients, infused with top-shelf liquors and handcrafted to create a unique adult taste experience.

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