Review: TrackR Is Your Digital Blood Hound

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I forgot what I was about to write. Never mind, TrackR helped me find my thoughts. I wish this device could help with forgetful thoughts but it doesn’t. Luckily it does help with lost items. Anyone who loses important items such as keys will find this product to be great help.

This device or keychain pairs with an application that runs on your smart phone.  As can be seen from the screen shots from my phone, all I had to do was follow the directions given to set up the keychain with the application. The application has a few features that I found to be helpful. I lost the TrackR keychain once and failed to locate it within my home. Upon opening the application the mapping feature showed me that the keychain was in a location away from home and even showed me the location on a map. Besides the map feature, I was able to activate a high pitched sound from the actual tracking keychain using the application on my phone. As long as I knew where my phone was, I wouldn’t have to worry about losing the tracking keychain and the items attached. This could also present to be a problem since so many people misplace their own phones. I explained this product to a relative of mine and the first misconception she had was that she could use this device to help her keep track of her own phone. Since she tends to misplace her phone a lot, this product could prove problematic when she can’t find her phone to activate the keychain.

The application is also prepared to sync with Nest, made to turn homes into smart homes. Using the keychain, this product can alert Nest to turn on or off home alerts depending on wether the home owner is at home or away.

Another great feature is the option to run more then one keychain. Using the same simple steps to set up the first TrackR keychain to my smartphone, I could sync as many as I need. Within the phone application one can label what the keychain is connected to in order to help keep track of each keychain. The keychain could even be used to keep track of pets with all the same features used to keep track of ones belongings.

The keychain portion of this product uses the same style battery that watches use. Unlike many other products in this category that use a battery to power it, within the application is the option to check on battery life.

Another issue is that this product does not work on all smart phones. I originally gave the keychain to my mother to test it out and let me know her thoughts on this product. The application would not run on her phone and she was unable to use this product. She decided to get a different smartphone in order to run this one application. Since her original phone would not run the application needed to use this product I then tested it out myself. I have tested this product for two weeks and ran it through its paces. I found this product to be extremely useful. I lost my belongings several times but this keychain made locating these items easy.

I did find the sound that the keychain makes when activated to be a little more than annoying. I found that I could activate this noise to annoy my girlfriend. I would hide the keychain around the living room and use the phone application to set off the keychain to have it makes noise. My girlfriend would look all over in hopes of finding the source of the annoying sound. I explained to her though that it was all in the name of this review and that I needed to test how easy it was to locate the keychain by sound alone.

I did find the fact that you had to know where your phone was to use this product to be annoying at times when I did happen to misplace my own phone. Other than that, I found that this product helped me out a great deal. I would definitely recommend this product to all those absent minded people out there who lose their belongings all the time. I will be giving this product to my own mother to help her keep track of her own keys.

Disclaimer: Company provided YBLTV complimentary product for review.