Review: TikTeck Smart LED Lightbulb for Keeps

There was a time when light bulbs were free. And utility bills were modest. Yes, Virginia there was a time we didn’t worry about the cost of energy or conserving it.

But those days are gone. Now, our radar is focusing on eco-friendly products—we are living green, folks. And one smart tech manufacturer makes green a reality, along with red and yellow and blue and tons of other shades and intensities. It’s a color-changing smart LED lightbulb developed by TikTech.  You control it with a Smartphone or tablet. No hub needed. And TikTeck makes it easy and affordable.

Sure, there are other smart color-changing bulbs out there, but check out their prices. They can be anywhere from 3 to 5 times the cost. TikTeck’s smart LED lightbulb is just $9.99. That’s the least expensive one I’ve found.

Let’s start with why LED technology:

  • LED lights consume less energy -– up to 75% less than traditional incandescent lights. Where does the light bill go? Down!
  • LED lights have a life that can be 20 times traditional lighting
  • LED lights produce little heat when delivering the same amount of light.
  • LED lights have no mercury
  • LED lights come on instantly—no warm-up time

The TikTeck Smart LED Lightbulb has a color temperature range of 2700 to 6500K. Lower values of 2700 to 3500K deliver a white that’s warm, like an incandescent; higher values like 5000K can deliver a stark white light. And by producing 600 lumens (the measure of light a bulb gives), the TikTeck bulb is about in the middle of the brightness scale.

I have just enough technical skill to make me a hair above average, so set-up was relatively easy:

  1.  I downloaded the free TikTeck LED app at Google Play
  2. I screwed the bulb into a lamp and turned it on.
  3. I activated Bluetooth on my Samsung Note 3. (I know, I know. I need to update my phone.)
  4. I opened the TikTeck app and tapped “add device”

It took a few minutes to figure out the menu. (I think TikTeck needs to spell out how to use it a little more). However, when I got to the home page, I went crazy choosing colors from the color wheel and watching my lamp suddenly go awash in blue, then red, and any primary color I chose. I was able to change the brightness with the slider at the bottom of the page. Another slider let me select the color temperature, as well. And, pressing a button in the center of the wheel turned the bulb on and off. There’s also a timer, so you can program the bulb for every day of the week. There’s even a night light setting and the ability to coordinate music on your phone!

The basic app is simple to operate and even more actions are possible—I’m still learning.

I am terribly impressed with the ability to set a mood at a dinner party, add warmth to a room on a dull day and create a lighting schedule – all with my phone. But most important, I’m on the road to cutting the utility bill on my all-electric town home!

You can add up to 32 bulbs in your home, and group them to function at different times, different intensities. I think the TikTeck bulb is a real value. Go to for more details or pre-order now.

LB’s rating: 9 out of 10  (Provided that TikTeck updates their menu instructions).

Disclaimer: Company provided YBLTV complimentary product for review.