VIDEO: Herb and Lou’s Infused Ice Cubes Couldn’t Be More Fun

Herb and Lou’s ROCKS the HOUSE!

How cool is it to have infused ice cubes? So cool, that Herb and Lou’s won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the 2016 Nightclub & Bar Show this month. I tried one. They were ABSOLUTELY delicious. Why haven’t I seen them before? Have you? If you have, be sure to let me know. Because I sure haven’t.

What a cool, sweet, idea…Herb and Lou’s Infused Ice Cubes. We spoke with the company’s Co-Founder, Reid Rosenthal. Congratulations Reid! We love your design – and better yet – we love the cube…

Here’s to a successful summer of HOT and your Herb and Lou’s Infused Ice Cubes to keep us NICE and COOL…

About Herb and Lou’s Infused Ice Cubes

Herb and Lou’s presents the world’s first infused ice cube. Their thoughtful blends of seductive ingredients transform your spirit of choice into a reimagined classic cocktail with only a shake or a stir. Freeze, pop, Drop and sip to enjoy a Brilliantly Crafted Cocktail in just seconds.