Get Connected With Two Way Direct

At the 2016 Nightclub & Bar Show, YBLTV had the pleasure to meet with Two Way Direct‘s CEO, Brandon Ocampo. We got a quick peak at a few of their two-way radios and other devices including:

Ocampo also spoke to us about the differences between an analog vs digital signal. A rule of thumb he said is that analog gives you roughly 5 floors of coverage whereas digital provides 30 floors. What an interesting tidbit, and a rather important piece of tidbit, eh? Analog may be a little less expensive, but digital can offer better clarity and reach. Seems like I am always asking the quintessential, “Can you hear me now?” – which really irritates me(!)

Quality of sound is important. It’s like you never put much thought to quality of sound until you can barely hear someone’s words on the other end. The YBLTV Team is looking into getting connected with some walkie-talkie gear very soon. Navigating through the Las Vegas Convention Center during any busy, major trade show can be, well, quite challenging to say the least. If you’ve ever been to the National Hardware Show, they make navigating their conference a breeze… Visually it is easy to navigate – I like colored aisles, colored hanging signage designating aisle categories – so the chore of having to navigate audio-wise over the phone with colleagues at NHS is not anywhere as difficult as other shows — where you definitely, without a doubt — need great, quick communication to help guide you along the way to the rest of your team… And Two Way Direct may just be the ones to have the products and the solution to challenging communication situations. They carry some major brands. So, check them out – we will too – Cheers!

About Two Way Direct

Two Way Direct offers the best two-way radio products specific to your night club needs. The company offers the lowest prices guaranteed on the top brands of two-way radios, secret service style earpieces with memory foam comfort ear tips, shoulder microphones, tactic throat microphones, headsets and more.