Meet The Most Exciting Smartglass Future: ODG’s R-7

YBLTV Gets a Feel for ODG’s R7 Smartglasses

We’ve seen a lot of smart glass technology, but ODG really hits it out of the ball park! Watch our interview segment with Pete Jameson, ODG‘s CO, Executive VP at this year’s CES Show in Las Vegas, NV.

Targeted for enterprises, we can’t wait to see ODG’s R-7‘s offered at a price for consumers.

For more information, be sure to visit Osterhout Design Group.

About ODG

Our story begins in 1999, revolutionizing the high-tech toy industry by leveraging and integrating electronics not typically used in children’s toys – miniature recording chips, tiny radio-frequency receivers, and infrared detectors.

Today, we are focused on revolutionizing head worn technology and supplying innovative and sophisticated situational awareness, security and first-responder solutions. Our Smart Glasses are designed to be the hands-free computer of tomorrow: fully-integrated, untethered devices that have the power to redefine what can be done on the go. We see enormous potential for our technology in industrial applications, particularly those industries where workers need hands-free and heads-up communication. Our ultimate vision is to bring our disruptive head-worn technology to the consumer market.