VIDEO: Hyundai MOBIS Provides Insight on Autonomous Driving Made Practical Through Innovation and Collaboration

Autonomous driving and auto piloted cars have been the hot items for the past two years at CES, but in order to move from the test track or secluded desert highways of Nevada, a system for vehicles and auto manufacturers to communicate and work together is necessary to make this technology viable. Hyundai Mobis is well positioned as a leading global automotive parts company to provide components for that infrastructure. They have focused on how to make autonomous driving practical by incorporating sensors, radars, cameras, and information systems to recognize geographical locations, road conditions and other vehicles. Many of the safety features we find in current production vehicles are providing insight for companies like Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd. into how we can integrate these features into a network of information and technology to drive ourselves into the future of autonomous driving. Blind spot radars, crash avoidance systems, HD cameras with 3D mapping capability and even our navigation systems are being utilized to make autonomous driving safer and more reliable.

Through collaboration amongst auto parts companies like Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd., automobile manufacturers and information technology companies like NVIDIA we are likely to see many of the auto manufacturers releasing some form of autonomous vehicle in 2020. The key is creating an infrastructure that enables the vehicle to quickly and accurately analyze or perhaps even predict road conditions and respond effectively and efficiently while providing a safe driving or perhaps a more relaxing experience for those using the auto pilot feature.

Nam, Nyunwoo, Principal Research Engineer / Technology Strategy Team, Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd. spoke with me about the company’s autonomous driving initiatives and other news at CES 2016.  Watch our video segment above for the interview with Nam and stay tuned for more automotive coverage in the near future.

About Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

Hyundai MOBIS has dedicated its full capacity to developing a variety of cutting edge Automotive technologies/products(Modules, Core parts and Electronic parts), and at the same time, has made sure to secure self-reliance using core proprietary technology.