Streamz State of the Art Headphones Will Need Improvement Before They Are Considered “Smart Headphones”

Streamz State of the Art Headphones Will Need Improvement Before They Are Considered “Smart Headphones”

Streamz State of the Art Headphones Will Need Improvement Before They Are Considered “Smart Headphones”

I had the opportunity to speak with Kevin Hooker who is the Public Relations and Sales Representative of Streamz headphones.

There are so many expensive headphones on the market that guarantee quality sounds and comfortable wear but Hooker said with Streamz headphones – it goes beyond that. Hooker explained that Streamz headphones are the first Android Wi-Fi smart headphones playing online music without an actual phone.

Streamz has a built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DAC, AMP and 36GBs of storage and it plays online – from apps such as Pandora. It streams from AVR, television, movies and game systems but it also streams from your phone.

There is a built-in HD quality as well as CD/HD  and DAC giving the highest quality sound and having 96 KHz/24 bit DAC (digital analog converter) with voice control.

Hooker promised that the battery life of Streamz would be five hours with a rechargeable battery that has a USB port.

The inventor of Streamz, Douglas Kihm has made the headphones so convenient for those who are less than computer savvy and just love to surf the web. It has everything that a person needs without the cables attached to it.

It is not Google, but Chromecast that allows these headphones to be wireless and used without the help of a smartphone or Bluetooth. It has 150 Chromecast online music services including Pandora and Spotify. If you are wondering if these powerful headphones can be updated through an app, the answer is yes.

Streamz is capable of is playing all formats including iTunes, AAC, AIFF, WAV, FLAC and MP3. Streamz also has a color display and voice command. Take advantage of the music easily transferred from your phone or desktop computer.

Are you wondering what Streamz headphones look like? Well, that is something I could not wait to see. Frankly, I was not impressed with the way that the headphones looked like for what they could do.

Streamz headphones comes in two colors – black or white. However, Hooker said that they will implement more colors by order.  These headphones are of a rectangle shape with a color display on one side and the controller on the other side. There are two designs of Streamz headphones that you can chose from. The first is Streamz Go on the Ear and the second is Streamz Pro over the Ear. I personally tried them on and found that they were heavy and bulky on my head. I also could not fit them accordingly.

The sound is what is important because they are headphones after all and after trying on the unfitting headphones I was not impressed. I have tried Beats and Skull Candy headphones and the quality of Streamz sounds do not match or even come close. The sounds were loud but had no high definition sound experience and a bit of static.

While at the booth I did not get a chance to see or experience all the wonderful things that the headphones could do. Hooker said that the headphones at the booth were only prototypes and production and shipping would take place in April of this year. So, for the excitement of the Streamz headphones and all it can do, the price is a mere $399.00 and that does not include any extras.