Show Your Creativity With This Bluetooth Speaker

Be Creative with AuraBox

As I was walking around the grounds of CES there were many interesting things to see and one of the things that caught my eye was the AuraBox by Divoom.

The AuraBox is a Bluetooth speaker that allows you to design an image or pick from the ones that have already been created. The speaker can also work as a thermometer and even a clock by showing you the current time and act as an alarm clock. It even has the capability of alerting you if you have notifications from your social media accounts and it can even work to answer phone calls because there is a wireless microphone built in. The AuraBox has a 3” 5-watts speaker.

Now since I received this item for review I will tell you that I like it. The design is simple it is a rectangular prism with the speaker on one side the display scream on the other. There are five buttons on top. You have the power button, the play button, your volume up and down buttons, and the light effects button.  The only three things that I didn’t like about the design is that the buttons are embedded in to the matte black material making them hard to find at first and that the speaker is on not facing you being that it’s on the other side of the display screen. However even with the speaker being in the back it still sounds great. The last thing I’m don’t like is that it isn’t waterproof.

Now I’d say the coolest thing about this speaker is the display screen. Since the device is Bluetooth it must be connected to a smartphone via the Divoom app to function. Once connected the possibilities are endless. You can design the images that you want your AuraBox to display and even create short videos by linking up 8 frames of images. It can show you the time, temperature, designs from the app gallery, your own designs, animation, LED light, and the beat of the current song. I can see myself trying to come up with new designs to display on the AuraBox or giving it to my younger family members so they can draw and see their drawing on the speaker. Overall I really do like the AuraBox.

The mobile app is free and available for both the iOS and Android. To purchase the item check out the Divoom website or the company’s Facebook page:


Disclaimer: Company has provided YBLTV complimentary product for this review.