Printing our Way into Better Health

Inkredible 3D Bio Printer. Image Courtesy:

Inkredible 3D Bio Printer. Image Courtesy:

3D Printing Poised To Take The Health World By Storm

As we move forward into the future there are big changes coming in the form of 3D printing to solve many of the problems we are currently facing in the medical field. While we already expect 3D printing technology to be able to assist in the production of prosthetics, we are now looking at the Bond film-like possibilities of printing human tissue for repairing scarred tissue and organ transplants.

This relatively new technology, stemming from the early 2000s, has already proven to be effective in creating tissues for brain surgeries, skin grafts, bone repair, and vascular system reconstruction. Recently scientists have found ways to use this technology to create components of organs such as the heart and are working on creating fully functional organs for transplants.

Basic 3D printers can be purchased for under $5000 which is furthering the opportunity for innovative applications of 3D bioprinting. As we witness the 2016 CES Show this week in Las Vegas, NV, the world will await to see the latest in all of 3D, 3D printing, biometrics and more…

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