Welcome to the Wonderful Wearable Payments World of Nymi

Freedom and Security With Biometrically Authenticated Payments

YBLTV had the honor to speak with wearable payments, Nymi, Vice President Manufacturing, James Elson at the Digital Money Forum 2016 presented by MasterCard. The Digital Money Forum is presented by Living in Digital Times, producers of the Digital Health Summit, Fitness Tech, FamilyTech, TransformingEDU, Kids@Play, Last Gadget Standing and Mobile Apps Showdown at CES® 2016,

Nymi partnered with NXP along with MasterCard and Canadian banks to bring to life the world’s first biometrically authenticated payment using one’s heartbeat – yes, heartbeat. Now, that’s the kind of freedom and security we LOVE… I can’t tell you how much I absolutely abhor passwords. They drive me insane… absolutely, positively, INSANE.

The Nymi Band is truly… a paradigm shift we very most welcome here on YBLTV!

About Nymi

Nymi is focused on delivering secure, continuous authentication solutions. The company’s first product is the Nymi Band, a wearable device that delivers biometrically secured, continuous authentication experiences. The Nymi Band utilizes HeartID™ — a proprietary technology that leverages the wearer’s unique cardiac signature (or ECG) as a biometric identifier. Nymi is proudly based in Toronto, and was founded in 2011. For more information, visit www.nymi.com or find us on your favourite social media platforms.