Now, An Easy, Smart Way to Amp Up Security When You Travel

Way to Go NFC Smart Lock eGeeTouch® at CES 2016

How many times have you turned to check for a shoulder travel bag– on the floor, on the back of your chair, at a restaurant, at a conference? Or how about your carry-on luggage at the airport while you’re reading a great novel, or doing the crossword from your favorite paper. If you are like me you probably worry that some slick thief is about to lift that shoulder bag or rolling carry-on in a heartbeat. So, you check and check and check again.

Well, fellow business movers and shakers, check no more. A new smart lock takes the worry out of worrying. And you don’t need keys, or codes or combinations to memorize. EGeeTouch® has created the world’s first patented smart travel lock.

EGeeTouch® Wins CES Innovation Award

Imagine, your bag on a luggage cart sitting in the middle of a busy lobby protected like nothing ever before. Your fingerprint unlocks the lock with an NFC sensor. Or, instead of the sensor, a user can employ an NFC enabled smartphone, smartwatch or sportband. Together with Blue Tooth protocols, plus an eGeeTouch® patented feature, travelers get an alert when their unattended luggage/travel bags have been moved. Near Field Communications (NFC) with proprietary protocol and encryption technology even prevents attempts to access codes or an owner’s information, as well. Now that is real security!

Over 7 years of research and development resulted in a PCT utility patent with additional patents filed to strengthen and extend the intellectual property portfolio around the world. DIGIPAS USA LLC owns the legal intellectual property right.

eGeeTouch® is so outstanding that the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has named it the winner of the CES Innovation Award, a validation of leading edge innovation.

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