SMARTwheel Quick Peek: A New Form of Safe Driving

SMARTwheel Provides a Way to Keep Drivers Safe

At CES Unveiled Las Vegas there were many different kinds of tech out on display. From home appliances, to security, to safety there were many things to see at this event from CES. One of the eye catching gadgets was SMARTwheel.

This idea started out as a school project when TJ Evarts was challenged to create something that made some sort of improvement to everyday life. After the project was created Evarts realized that his invention could actually make a difference and improve the safety of drivers on the roadways.

Having received and award by CES in Vehicle Intelligence SMARTwheel is a steering wheel cover that monitors driving behavior. It gives real time alerts and there is a mobile app included that analyzes driving behavior. This device is perfect for parents that want to monitor their child’s driving without actually being in the car with them. SMARTwheel sends alerts to the specified mobile device when one of the three infractions is conducted. The first is only having one hand on the wheel for an extended period of time. The second is having no hands on the wheel. The third is having both hands right next to each other on the wheel. When the driver commits one of the infractions SMARTwheel will display a light and tone that alerts the driver of their distracted behavior. When the driver corrects their mistake the light and tone turn off. The time allotted is about 4 seconds before SMARTwheel goes and alerts the driver as well as the holder of the mobile app.

I thought this was an amazing device because I definitely remember what it was like to drive when I was a teenager or how my friends would drive. There are so many distractions in the car and on the roadways. When the car alerts you of something wrong you do what you can to fix it so that you can drive in peace especially if it is a noise or flashing light.

SMARTwheel is still being improved on so that it isn’t just limited to sensing hand positions. Eventually the goal for SMARTwheel is to be able to control the volume of your music, answer your phone, adjust windshield wiper speed, and maybe even identify if the driver is under the influence or drowsy.

The possibilities for this device are endless and it will be exciting to see how it changed the safety of driving come its release in 2016.