Control Your Home Temperature Room by Room with Ecovent

Ecovent Allows for Room by Room Temperature Control

You know how in your house you always have that one room that’s either colder or hotter than all the others? Well thanks to the Ecovent System there is a way to control the temperatures in each room in your house. It was co-founded by Dipul Patel, Yoel Kelman, Nick Lancaster, and Shawn Rose. During this year’s CES at CES Unveiled Las Vegas I had the opportunity to talk to co-founder and CEO, Dipul Patel. He talked to me about the Ecovent System and what it can do.

So let’s say that you have two rooms and you want one colder or hotter than the other one with Ecovent all you have to do it set the temperature of the room you want to adjust on your mobile device using the Ecovent App and the Ecovent System does the rest.

The Ecovent System has three parts. The first is the Smart Hub. It analyzes and coordinates the climate in every room of your home and you only need one of these per home. The second is the Smart Sensor. There only has to be one of these in each room and they monitor the climate of the room that they are in. The last part is the Smart Vent. You place one of these on each of your vents. It directs the right amount of air into the room that it is in by opening and closing automatically.

One of the most interesting aspects that Patel was telling me about is a feature that they will be adding to their app. The new feature will give you different kinds of scores. A home performance index score, a runtime per month score, a comfort index score, a home insulation score, a duct insulation score, and a duct blockage score. It allows for Ecovent to tell the user what is wrong with the air system in the home. It will allow for possible mold detection. It will even assist in repairs that are being made to the unit because it can tell you if the problem has been fixed or not before the repairman even leaves your house. Not only that but it will be able to provide you with an instant quote for the total cost of repairs and recommendations of things that can be done.

The Ecovent System is a solution to modifying the temperature and feel of your home at only the touch of a finger.