VIDEO: Enter the Connected World Of BMW IoT

Your World is Connected With BMW at CES 2016

YBLTV met BMW Group at CES 2016 where the company presented an everyday situation in a Smart Home with a BMW i3 as the vehicle. YBLTV truly experienced smart IoT at its best. BMW executives spoke with us about their intelligent Open Mobility Cloud that connects networked systems such as a BMW i3 and a Smart Home with personal end devices like smartphones or smartwatches.

The Mobility Mirror displays important information for the day such as personal calendar, mobility options, energy status of the smart home, charge status of the BMW i3, and weather forecast.

YBLTV learned about BMW i Energy Storage Systems and also witnessed Gesture Control Parking where the BMW i3 recognizes gestures, and drives into and out of a parking space fully automatically.

All relevant information is available at any time in the world of BMW IoT. Functions can start up and run automatically at the right time and at the right place, and they can also influence each other at the same time. We love IoT. And better yet, we love BMW’s Internet of Things!

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